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Humanities & Arts Magnet High School Reviews

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Humanities and Arts Magnet High School is an average school filled with kids who want to learn and kids who just want to socialize (just like any other school). What I like about this school is that there are some great teachers who are there for you to not only teach, but to support you and guide you through life; not only will they guide you through your academic struggles, but they will also guide you through your personal life struggles as well. They've made the school environment feel more like a family environment. Although this school has some great teachers, improvements are need on organizing the school.
This school has really helped me get out of my shell. The students are united as a grade and really work together when it is time to. I have been able to taken A.P classes which really helps me prepare for college. The teachers are the best and really feel like family.
I feel that classes are over crowded. Most of the teachers and administrators really do not care about the students. Security guards turn a blind eye most of the times. Their are a couple of dedicated teachers here but they are very few. Most parents really don't care or don't have the time. This is why most of the students act up and really do not respect the teachers. Teachers can not control the classroom. They are also not trained on how to use technology for teaching us. Supplies are also very hard to obtain. We barely have text books or subject related materials.
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To not give classes that are not needed. Allow phones inside the building and not to be taken away from us from school hours. Actually setting appointments for students to go to the counselor. More after school, for SAT's more preparation. For teachers to be understanding of students problem.
The students are very disturbing sometimes. They are worried about the wring thins. I love my teachers. They are dedicated to teaching students and they have problem helping us students
The principal is making it more hardder to graduate , very annoying , tries way to hard to like there students .The teachers cant teach , food is disgusting only eat it cause im hungry. I recommend you not going to this school , you will have the worst high school experience
This school had good teachers to help us with our work. Every time we need help they always help us weather its about inside or outside of school. My favorite is Ms.Soilchan because she cares very much about the students,more than other teachers do, not every teacher say what a cutting student need to hear in order to get them right back on their feet. Although I still believe that some changes can be made such as they should be more extracurricular activities because we lack a few, more school trips,and cell phone should be allowed in school to a certain extent. There should be more school trips because the hard working students hardly get reward for what they have do. Cell phone policy should be changed because technology is mostly used for everything even classwork and studying for quizzes. Cell phone should be allowed in classroom so teens can use a game called kahoots to study for the quizzes and have fun at the same time. Overall this school is good but a little bit of changing.
Humanities and Arts Magnet High School is a nice school. The principal is sweet and the administration is very helpful. The teachers are caring and will work with you. There are a few other schools located in the building along with Humanities. The schools best resource is the medical center, a hospital is located there and you can receive free medical attention regardless of your insurance situation.
The school is okay. It's not what I expected but it's fine. There are many things that need improvement. More teachers are needed. Safety needs to be regulated better. They need to have a wider variety of food for students with allergies.
I like the diversity. I like the guidance counselor ms Leacock. What needs to change is security and teaching methods.
This High School made sure that all students were involved in an activity. Whether it be sports, dance, band, art, they were well rounded. Always strived for change and excellence.
My years at Humanities and the Arts high school was exceptional. I loved my teachers and I also met my best friend there which I graduated with in 2016. I graduated as an honor roll student, but I wouldn't have if it wasn't for my teachers who shaped me into a scholar. The only thing I would want to see a difference in at Humanities would be that the students respect the teachers and staff more.
Humanities and the Arts High school is a very difficult school to be in. We have a brand new principal that came into the school and start to make changes as if he been here for more than four years. He is making it difficult for students to graduate. The requirements are 44 credits and to pass all regents and its more difficult than it was before. I advise intelligent students to not attend this school.
Principal terrible, school safety is a big issue at times I never feel safe so I go straight home everyday. I don't join any clubs or any activities besides project prize or QCC readiness for college credits
I enjoyed band and dance. We always had fun rehearsing after school and performing in our shows. We had about 3-4 shows per school year and the band marched in about 5-6 parades per school year. It was a different experience to be in band. I played the clarinet and learned to read music.
I got to experience different things in this school not only educationally but also socially and culturally. This school opened my eyes to a lot of different activities like the marching band and gymnastics activities i never thought i'd be a part of. I learned so much about different cultures and about people and how people that come from such different places are so alike. Sports and activities such as soccer, gymnastics, softball, dance, and marching band gave me a different high school experience then i thought i would have and i would choose this school again because it helped make me who i am. I t thought me how to open up to new people and new ideas and how to look for the best in situations.
I felt like some teachers cared more than others and made it as if it were really up to you, the student if you pass or fail. Some teachers help struggling and misguided students where as others didn't care because they would have gotten paid either way. Only my senior year is where i felt like teachers were really concerned and actually tried to help students get to the graduation line.
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i love how there's alot of opputunies to attend after school programs
They care about your education an provide extra help if needed
peer pressure is everywhere so one should know what they want or what they want to working toward. all ethnic/racial/sexual orientation is accepted
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