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I believe that my school has done a fantastic job immersing the students in the community. Every year our administration sets us up each grade to complete a community service project within our town.
Hull High is a very small high school. Everyone knows each other which can be good and bad. Teachers are nice and there for students. For the most part, students get along and support each other. There is a sense of community and students work together. Being a small school, we don't have enough athletes to be competitive against other schools. Our fields are horrible and have been joked about by other towns. It would be nice if student athletes stayed in Hull instead of going to private schools for better sports opportunities.
Hull High School was a great place when I went. I was fortunate enough to be part of a honors group that was together from middle school on. It was a good experience and we bonded as a group.
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What I liked about hull high school was how easy the staff made it to get help if you needed it. After I graduated I felt very prepared for college and my future in general. Being in that school made me feel safe and I was able to get my work done quite easily with no distractions. One thing I would want to change would be the food quality, I only had it a few times but it could have been better.
Most of the teachers here are absolutely wonderful! They are supportive and help you with hard material. However, some teachers are absolutely horrible and close to dream crushing. As someone who enjoyed math, Mr. Ridolfi ruined that for me with his mean spirit and bad attitude. The AP classes are very informative and had me well prepared for the tests.
My experience at Hull High School has been pretty good so far.
Some teachers are better than others when it comes to actually teaching the content in their class in a way that will stick with the students, but I guess it just depends on your learning style. Most teachers are very nice and care about the students. Teachers will always stay after school for extra help when needed.
The parents are very engaged in the community of the school. With theater and the PTO go above and beyond with helping us fet feild trips as well as extra fun activities up and running successfully
The teachers are very helpful and for the most part are available when students need extra help.
I don't understand what the point of some of my core classes are but if they are required for me to graduate I'll suck it up and do the work. The curriculum is different for every class depending on the teacher. The work I get assigned every night is manageable. The most popular core class of my senior year that I think every student in my grade would back me up on this is "21st century- Political and Economic Responsibility 1" taught be Brian Mullin. The man is a great teacher and mentor. He always makes great analogies to relate his lessons to the real world. Everything I've been taught in the call so far this year, I will able to take it with me in the real world.
Through out my entire career at Hull High School I've never experience nor witness bullying. I witness all whole lot of teasing but its all fun and games (not meant to emotionally destroy someone). I feel really safe at my school. All the doors that lead into our school are locked a few minutes after the first school bell. They're are cameras in every hallway and a armed police officer who monitors our school. I also have teachers that I know would do everything they could to protect their students during any kind of outbreak. The school nurse is very kind. It's always a pleasure to see her. She is always ready to help any student get the proper medical treatment they need and if not, she has the power to call home to tell your parents to come pick you up. I feel pretty clean at my school. The soap dispensers are always full in the bathrooms, the hand sanitizes dispensers are always in stock in the hallways, and in every class room there is a sink with soap and hand sanitizer. Ironically though, over a third of the school was out of school for a day or two last year do to a horrible sickness that went around which the students named it the " HK Plague", HK standing for Hull Kid.
My freshmen and sophomore year I was part of a club call Planet Humanitarian Involvement which basically helps people in need. The club was ran by our history teacher who was very intelligent and kind hearted. From freshmen year to senior year I've also been a part of the student council. This was ran by a very kind hearted women. We would meet up every wednesday and talk about upcoming events. Towards my senior year there has been a lot more clubs going on after school. One of my friends who is also a senior started a Super Smash Brawl club after school where he brings his wii and eight controllers in and lets people play Super Smash Brawl ( a wii game by nintendo). The club is held every thursday and is a great way to make new friends. A large amount of students from out school attend it every thursday. Another after school activity I enjoy participating in is table tennis which is ran by our physical education teacher. We just play table tennis for an hour after school most days and it's really fun. I also made some friends attending to this.
I would only want to it all over again so that I can do better academically and open up my options for colleges I want/ can attend to. However I don't want to do it all over again because I finish one chapter of my life and am eager to get on with the next one which will either be college or the military.
All my teachers push me to work my hardest. Although they give us a lot of quizzes and test they make sure to teach us everything we need to know in preparation for it. All my teachers are always after school almost every school day to help students who are struggling in class or needs extra preparations before a test/quiz. If we fail then its on us cause we didn't choose to take advantage of the opportunity. Some teachers are more strict then others but they only want to see us succeed at the end of the day. I feel that my teacher's are people I can have a nice conversation with and not ignore cause they respect everything I have to say and I respect everything that they have to say as well.
Hull High School is a unique and tiny school. I'm sure like most other high schools it has its strengths and weaknesses. There were only 85 students in my graduating class and I knew most of them since elementary school. The school atmosphere and town pride is great. You will get what you put into this school. Teachers are willing to do what it takes to help you out if they see you're willing to learn and put in the effort it takes to succeed.
I have never been big into playing sports, but I definitely do support all the sports teams at Hull High. The athletes at this school really love what they do and have really close bonds with their coaches. Many students have a ton of school spirit especially during our "spirit week" when each day has a different theme. We even have a group here known as "Hull Highs Ultimate Fans." They attend many sports games all wearing the same shirts stating, "We yell and stuff."
I have never has a serious issue with any of the teachers I have had throughout my high school career. Every teacher has a different teaching style. I would say all my teachers genuinely care about their students and do whatever they can to help a student who is struggling. I know my chemistry teacher whom I had last year would stay after till 6 just to help me get my homework done or to study for a test. The teachers here are very friendly for the most part and most of them know how to keep our attention and make sure we engage in our learning. My favorite teachers are those who teach us not only academic information but also life lessons that will help us in the real world.
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We have all the usually sports, yet we also have a great theater arts program. I personally have been in theater since I was in 6th grade. Our director unfortunately retired this year after being involved in Hull High theater for over 30 years. We have an excellent mock trial program, I was part of for a year. In which we compete against other schools in an actual court room and support whatever side we are assigned. We also have an interesting group known as "T.A.L.K" which stands for teaching, accepting, learning, knowing. This group discusses issue of discrimination in our society and ways to help people who are being discriminated against for any reason. We inform others of these issues and ways they can help as well.
Students are reprimanded when necessary.
Our fields are poorly maintained and the equipment for the girls is very old and outdated.
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