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Hulbert Senior High School Reviews

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At Hulbert Senior High School, I had a good experience. It is a poor school district which did not have a lot of funds for extra curricular activities. I would like to see a better school culture built. That way students would be drawn to attend there. I would also like to see the athletic programs given new life. They need updated facilities.
I have went to Hulbert all of my school life. Once you reach junior high and high school it gets worse. The teachers try, depending on if they’re there for the students or just to get a check. A lot of the students are disrespectful to the teachers, and the teachers are sometimes just as bad back. We have our sixth through twelfth grades in one building and we all share a lunch period. We don’t have enough substitutes when teachers are gone, so all of the classes withought a teacher get sent to the gym and either our ISS teacher will watch them or our school principal. In my English class there aren’t enough books for one class room, and the ones we do have are torn and damaged. None of the classes have good books. Hulbert is good enough but it could be so much better. They could start more clubs and get more student involvement. Or do benefits to try and raise money. I know Hulbert was once a good place to go to but honestly today I don’t think anyone should have to go there.
I have had a really good experience at Hulbert. I would like the rules about not being able to go to the restroom to change. I like how close our school is. Everyone seems so connected.
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There are some teachers involved, but not a lot.
The teachers here are really nice, fun, and easy to talk to.
The town of Hulbert is very small but, is full of pride. Though our town is somewhat run down, we are still proud of where we come from. Hulbert has kind, giving, and loving people. When it is needed, our community will rise. We can be more powerful than a big city, all it takes is one little push.
I love the school because it's a small school, the teachers are so caring, the ideal improvement would be to evolve the courses into more challenging ones.
Most of the teachers try hard to teach us like out world history teacher he works super hard to help and explain everything you need to know he's awesome and my computer teacher she helped me out a lot when I needed her but the rest of my teachers just don't care
It's okay because sometimes you get to go and do stuff for that club but more than likely you don't get to do anything because we don't have the money for it
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