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This is my first year attending Huguenot and so far my experience has been great. However I would like to see some changes regarding the way the school is ran. I feel as if there could be a little more organizing in some areas.
I like the fact that Huguenot high school is a big new school that is clean and also aids better learning diversities. I also like that the school materials are semi new and the views of the school is pretty. And last but not least i like that the teachers incorporate using phones in some lessons they embrace technology more rather than look down to it. I would like to see more caring staff and more caring consuliors because most of the staff and consuliors want to see you get in and out the school not help and guide you with life after high school.
Its a big facility with ok staffing and teachers , large classes but its not maintainedvery well. I can go into the restroom and half the time soap isnt stocked, so I thinks its overpopulated or understaffed. Theres not much freedom either with frequent lock downs. The foods fine for the cost. The culture is pure debauchery.
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I'm currently a senior at Huguenot High School, and one of the things that I like the most about Huguenot High School is the diversity that the schools has. Since I was in 9th grade I felt good at the environment that this High Schools. Most people may say that Huguenot Hugh School is one of the worst High Schools in the district, but I feel like if you relay want to learn ad be better it's you decision. Honestly, all the teachers that I have had are great and they are committed to their work and be a help for the students, there are teachers that are better than others but they are striving to teach you in a way that you are able to understand.
I like attending Huguenot High School because they are actually people there who want to see you get far in life. Something I will like to change at Huguenot is how they treat the students. They treat us like we are elementary school student and for me being a Senior I feel we should have more freedom.
The school, overall is amazing. The downside, are the food and the students. The food could be healthier, and there could be more diverse sport programs.
My experience at Huguenot High School has yet to be completed seeing as though I am a rising senior but in the past 3 years I would rate my experience as ordinary. My school isn’t anything spectacular or has anything that stands out about it other than the new renevaywd builiding. I would like to change the way faculty interacts with the students, the food we are given, and would like to add more clubs and activities.
Overall it was good. I had some good teachers that actually helped students if they saw they were into school.
My 4 years of high school were cool I paid a lot of sports and made some freest friends along the way but the school wasn’t safe really
Huguenot was not full of clicks and statuses. Everyone was nice to each other. The teachers were very helpful and cared for the students.
I loved how the faculty was always so involved within the students lives and that they always tried their best to make sure we succeeded.
This school is absolutely horrible. Teachers are power hungry and abusive and administrators do nothing about it. The teachers are very bad at their jobs and some leave as soon as they come. Security guards oftenly befriend students. Ultimately promoting them to skip. Fights happen very often and somebodies kids are always getting body slammed on the floor by security guards; boys or girls. Security guards purposely take forever to break up fights if administration isnt around. Students are oftenly not familiar with how to work the most basic technology like a computer. Many of them are underachievers, which is an extremely de-motivating environment to have to be in. Students are even helped take SOLs in many cases by staff members that give them answers in hope to one day receive accreditation for the school. RPS as a whole is poorly managed. Do not, at any point, send your children here if you want them to have a good education.
The teachers at Huguenot High really do look out for their students and treat them almost has their own. Huguenot has a Future Center, unlike many other rps schools, and it is very helpful for helping students plan their life after high school. Sadly, Huguenot has a bad rep due to students not knowing how to maturely handle their issues which results in a lot of fights.
My experience at Huguenot High School was basically one best times in my life . Because I met new friends and new people to help me along the way of the four years I spent there .One thing I would like to change there is the school food because the food choice they offer you is poor
Huguenot looks nice on the outside but on the inside the security barely do their jobs and teachers can not really control the students.
Huguenot is a very nice looking school but I don't think it's a very exceptional environment. It's a few nice teachers but I don't feel like they teach you enough, to be ready for college. I suggest that they should change the importance of learning college material than anything.
It's not much I actually like about Huguenot High school. However, I do enjoy certain teachers who have helped me become a better person and who have seen potential in me and have helped bring that out. Huguenot does offer plenty of extracurricular activities so that may boost your experience there as well as your social life.
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Huguenot is a great school to better yourself and ready yourself for college. The future center has awesome resources including the advisors that help students figure out what they want to do after high school.
My experience at Huguenot has been average honestly. The environment is nice and the teachers are very helpful of their students.
I love that the staff members at Huguenot really treat you like family. At the end of the day they make you feel comfortable in everything that you do. If you need help with anything not only does your teacher helps you but anyone else if you go to them for help they will help you the best way that they can; without making you feel like they don't want to help you.
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