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It's a great learning environment. I feel the teachers are very helpful. I feel that I will be ready for college upon graduation.
This is a great school if you want a good relationship with teachers. They all want you to pass and will do whatever it takes for that to happen. But they don't care if you learn anything. But the school is bad about watching the actions and bullying going on. I hope they improve this and also will listen to the students standpoints on multiple topics.
Hugoton High School is a very safe place for any student to be in. People who go to this school are very supportive and love to be involved in many activities. There is also a lot of talent in this school. The facilities are the best in our area, and we have a great music, sport, and academic program. Hugoton High School strives for excellence in every student.
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Our high school is great! Small town where your teachers care about you and your future. The community supports the school in all areas. Wonderful place to grow up.
What i like about hugoton high school was the teachers that we had. They all got along with the students. They were always willing to help a student out if they need help with an assignment. I also like the sports. The boys and girls are a very good team. Watching them play basketball is always fun. Friday nights are what everyone looks forward too because they get to go watch some good basketball games. Something id like to see change in this school district would probably have to be the time we start school.
In Hugoton high school there are many extracurricular opportunities for example, there is show choir, and theater acting. There are also many types of clubs such as National Honor Society, Student Council, Latinos making a difference, Science club, and Future Business leaders of America. The level of commitment for these clubs are very high. The most popular organization would be Student Council since it's very active in school.
My favorite experience at this school was when we had homecoming week. The whole student body including parents were always very involved and we had several competitions that would get everyone involved. Something that makes this school unique is that everyone cares about each other and every one is always helping others out. If I could do it all over again I would choose Hugoton High School because it's a fun and comfortable place to be.
The best experiences I had so far during high school were the sports. Playing on State Championship on my Senior year was undoubtedly the best experience so far. What makes school unique for me are my friends; school would not be the same for me without them. They are my motivation everyday to keep looking forward and never surrender.
The teachers are really kind, always willing to help students, and try to make everything clear. Very respectful, smart, and approachable. Some of them are not as kind as everyone'd like them to be, but academically they do a great job.
All the teachers in my school are well rounded people and explain everything in detail and if you have any questions you can ask you will get a great answer and some. Also, the teachers are available to help mostly any time of the day if a student is struggling or needs help. The teachers also make learning the subject easy and fun.
It is a great school with some caring teachers but other teachers teach to get paid not to help the students go far in life.
There are the usual sports offered at our school such as basketball, football, volleyball, golf, track and field, and softball. However, there are only a few clubs/organizations that students can be part of, given the fact that Hugoton High is a small school there are not very many options to keep students busy after school.
The food is good than some other schools I have been to. The quantity is sometimes small but we have the option for fruit or vegetables to increase the quantity.
All the staff makes sure they have some sort of safety. They try to get insurance for the kids who do not have any.
They have good sports. Good teachers
The school is very good there are many caring teachers and staff. This school has very much made a way for their students to take college classes.
They have been very helpful in helping out with scholarships and getting ready for college and which college us students should go and attend
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