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I love how everyone is cool with one another. There's no bullying. I wish the school was more involved when it came to school spirit though.
Hugo High was a stepping stone to where I am headed in my life. Struggles that I have encountered through my years at Hugo High School have made me a stronger person but I am more than ready to get out of high school & onto better things.
I attended Hugo High School for all four years. What I liked about the school was that because it was a small school, everyone knew each other. We were able to communicate with each and everyone when needed to come together to make a change or get something done. When you know majority of your school it really makes a difference. What I want to see change about the school is getting more involved in the classrooms, like more hands on learning. I suppose this generation is more likely to obtain & learn information by being able to interact physically and mentally. Overall, I loved the school!
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It was a positive experience. The school was and still is in the community and state of Hugo Oklahoma. Local students attend the school Monday through Thursday like other schools in the community do they have classes Monday through Thursday. The school of Hugo high school has been around for years. I have family members that attend the school of Hugo school. The experience they say they have with the school is somewhat positive. It is just a school none the less. I would most definitely let my children attend Hugo high school. In the far future if I still live in the area when I am older.
Great school with awesome teachers! They really care about you and your grades and will do the best they can to help get you on the path of the career that you want to go into. Very clean and I highly recommend this school district.
Hugo High is a good time no matter who you are or what you like. From the staff to the students everyone has a story to tell about this school that will always make you smile. Take it from me, a graduating senior who will miss every second of Hugo High.
I love coming to Hugo High, mainly because of my friends and it wouldn't be the same if I was to move. I love how much support the teachers give us and support us trying lead us on and do better with everything we get in.
Teachers at HHS are okay. Some care more then others, I believe when you have different teaching skills like different makes us remember more of what the subject is.
the teacher do a good job of trying to work with the students.
the kids act like kids but it is a good place.
we have a lot of teacher not from the town and do not stay in town.
Most of the teachers are Smart and give great lessons. I just wish they'd give us a bit more challenging work.
I feel safe at my school. Security measures are in place.
Not many after school activities
This is a good school. It is a poor economy so we don't have the best of everything but do the best we can.
For the most part teachers care and try to do the best they can.
The classroom doors stay mostly locked and we have frequent drills.
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Our biggest organization is student council! You have to fill out an application and meet certain requirements to be considered! We have a great student council advisor that gets us involved in a lot of things! You have to attend meetings too! It's a serious commitment!
My favorite experience is homecoming week! We have numerous competitions such as dress up days, boy cheerleading, and banner and float contests. All of the classes compete against each other! It's a great way to get everyone involved! Even the teachers participate in dress up days! If I had the change to do it all over I wouldn't! I love my school and all of the fun activities that we do! It's really special!
The teachers at my school do whatever they can to make sure every student understands the lesson or how to do something. They have great teaching styles that makes it easy to learn and understand. They answer any and all questions that they can. They are very knowledgable about the subjects they teach.
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