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Hughson High School is a wonderful school because the teachers really care about their students. The community rallies around the school and are a constant supporter for any and all outside needs. Lastly, administration treat their student like young adults. 95% of all Hughson go on to college or to trade school.
My high school experience was ok. The administration was not very supportive as far as school spirit and letting us kids be kids! Everything has too many rules!
Over all hughson high school prepared me for a college environment, however, some things could be improved. For example their facilities and resources need updating. These are things I would like to see them work on in the future.
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The teachers are extremely helpful and truly want to see their students succeed. They are willing to help with any questions a student has and will put their own time into making sure you get the most out of their class.
I have had a very enjoyable and helpful time so far at this High School and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to a well run High School.
Attending Hughson High has been a great experience for me. I have not only received an great education, but also enjoyed playing sports and being apart of the music program. I have been able to take various AP classes to prepare me for college. The teachers are very caring and have given me what I need to advance my future. I do wish there were electives to choose from that revolve around engineeeing, however Hughson is a small town therefore I understand why these programs are not offered.
The teachers strive to give the best teachings to the students and do not let them fall behind. The teachers are fun and make learning a much better task.
I definitely like the fact the community comes together, its small so the people you graduate with you most likely know very well. A few things that arent fantastic but tolerable are portfolio and the cafeteria food.
This high school was the smallest school I have ever seen, but I loved it that way! It made getting to know everyone easier! The sense of community was very big there! The teachers were not only passionate about what they taught but they were also really good at making the lessons interesting. I loved the variety of people and activities offered there. The experiences I had at Hughson High School are ones that I wouldn't trade for the world.
I attended Hughson High School for all 4 years of high school. I felt that going to school in a smaller, close knit town was a great experience. The reason for this is because there was a higher ability to have one on one time with the teacher. Each individual student got the attention/help they needed to complete their high school education. One thing I would change about this high school is the technology. I feel that Hughson high was a bit out dated at the time I attended. Newer/better technology would have helped me tremendously in school.
Hughson High School has caring teachers and office workers, but not exactly motivating. Just like most high schools, Hughson has an abundance of indifference in it's teens. Throughout my years though, I have seen an increase in my peers involving clubs and sports. I have never felt in danger at Hughson except for maybe of the food.
After graduating from a small middle school and attending Hughson High School as an interdict student, I became very involved within intracurricular and extracurricular activities offered. The staff, administration, and coaches do everything they can to make their students successful. I wouldn't change one thing in my highschool experience.
Hughson High School is a great school for anyone who loves a closely connected small town, where everyone in the community supports one another. One of the cool things about Hughson is that we are one of the only communities in the area that hold a homecoming parade on the day of homecoming. We even cancel school on that day. Teachers around Hughson are generally pretty nice and are willing to give you extra help if you ask for it. One of the benefits of going to Hughson High School is that we are rewarded for good grades. If you maintain a certain G.P.A, you can earn up to three finals passes. Finals passes allow you to skip up to three finals for a class. Most teachers will only let you use them if you have an A or a B, and occasionally a teacher won't even let you use one. Although, there are some teachers that let you use them as long as you are passing the class. Overall, my experience at Hughson High School has been pretty good.
I choose to avoid most of that stuff, but I don't think it's too bad.
We have pretty good teachers, not a lot of variety, and sometimes the curriculum isn't very good, but the workload is a good amount.
We live in a small town so not a lot happens where you would need to be scared.
The school overall is great, small, but good sized. It is a friendly town with good people that not only help out in the community but the school too. The teachers have flexible teaching skills and work well with students. They want to help their students succeed in subjects and open them up to learning.
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This school is unique because every student thrives to succeed and each teacher is always there to give their students the little push of encouragement they need. My favorite experience was being involved in student council and always working to improve our education. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over again because this high school was a start of a new beginning for me and it was the beginning of my greatest achievements.
All teachers at Hughson High School put their students before themselves. They are always willing to provide as much help and encouragement to their students. There is also much more one-on-one help available at all times.
I have had different experiences with extracurriculares during my time here. Some things I have joined are really strong and I have really enjoyed, including track, Academic Decathlon, and Renaissance. Other things need a lot more leadership and dedication, including volleyball, HYLC, and Renaissance. Renaissance is one of my favorite classes but many days, there is a lack of participation and it is very frustrating. Other days though, I am honored to be working with the girls around me. I think overall though, there are a lot of opportunities for students and the teachers are very encouraging of it.
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