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Hughesville Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Hughesville is where I began school in 7th grade after being in the Hughesville school district all of my life. There is nothing like the teachers there who are kind, helpful, and understanding. They help prepare you for college and help you with personal problems if you need them as well. I will always cherish my time at Hughesville and will never forget the journey along the way
The teachers are very caring and considerate of all of their students. Every teacher I have had has always done their best to make sure all students understand the content. The school has also helped me to prepare for my college career greatly but always allowing me express my concerns and giving advice.
Hughesville prepares its students through rigorous learning and with strong teachers to help the kids succeed.
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My experience at Hughesville High School has been rocky. In 7th grade i was bullied to edge and again in 10th grade. I didn't want to leave my bed, i got panic attacks knowing i had to go to school, and i had serious separation issues from my mom and dog. However, college has always been a must and a big dream for me. Without the help of the science teachers at Hughesville, i wouldn't be where i am today and i cant thank them enough. We definitely have the best administration ive seen.
I found the teaching staff at the middle school level to be the most enjoyable thing. But personally I found as a 7th grader not being in separate building from the upper classes (9-12th) frightening and a bit of a challenge at times.
This school is in a small town and is very safe. This school provided me with a lot of opportunities, and I am so glad I attended this school. I created lasting connections and friendships with so many great people throughout the years, and I recommend this school to anyone!
It was a good school with a positive learning environment with great teachers! If I had to see one thing changed it would probably be the quality of school lunch.
The academics at Hughesville High School are excellent! There's a variety of classes so everyone can meet their wants. Our school offers Academic, Honors, and AP classes of most core classes (Math, English, ect.). The teachers are excellent and always try their best to make sure all of their students understand the material and succeed. The scheduling process is very simple. Towards the end of the school year students are called into the auditorium by grade to talk about the next school year. A list of classes are located on our iPads and students get to choose what they want. English, Math, Science, and a Social Studies class are mandatory along with gym and lunch, but students can decide if they want to take a bunch of electives or other addition core classes. The workload is pretty average, I never struggle to finish my homework even though I work.
There are plenty of extracurricular opportunities at Hughesville High School! There's SADD, which stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions. It's a club for students that want to get involved and prevent others from texting while driving, doing drugs, and making other bad decisions that could ruin lives. The student counsel is very good and available to all students in grades 9-12. The student officers are elected by members every year and they take great care to listen to everyones opinions. The Future Business Leaders of America club is also excellent. Our school usually has multiple members in FBLA make it to states and even regionals! There's plenty of other clubs including Archery club and Drama club.
Everyone is friendly and involved and want to learn!
Most teachers are knowledgeable and love their job!
Teachers know how to push students to become their best selves. The teachers know what students are going through and they care about them, if there's family trouble they'll talk to you and help you through it.
There are a large amount of extracurricular activities. I was in student council, varsity club, big buddy, SADD, student athletic training club, AP Bio club, AP Calc club, and AP Social Studies club. There are even more to be a part of like ski club, FBLA, chorus, drama, archery club, band, and etc. There is a very high commitment level when it comes to activities. The staff who are in charge are very committed and help the students get involved more. They make sure we have as much fun as possible.
My experience at HHS was outstanding. I would choose to go back there because it is such a great environment to be around. The school has various activities to be involved in. I played soccer there and loved it. The athletic departments are great along with all the academics. I was also in a great amount of clubs. This school is unique because of what all it has to offer and the faculty. The staff is all very close and friendly. Everybody knows everyone and it's a small high school in a small town. I was fortunate enough to attend Hughesville High School.
All of the teachers at HHS are fantastic. They all have their own teaching styles which they believe the students best benefit from. They show their interests in helping students to the best of their ability. Teachers are willing to help out students before and after school hours with whatever they need help with. I wouldn't have wanted to go to any other school, the faculty is amazing.
I've always felt extremely safe here.
There are many extracurriculars available for all students!
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We recently hired a local policeman as our way of security instead of just a security guard. He doesn't put up with bullying and he cares about the students well-being. Our school nurse is very friendly and very helpful, she will help if you're not feeling well or even if you just want to talk about whats troubling you. Any of the staff would be willing to talk about anything with the students.
The commitment for different clubs at my school is quite high, there are so many people in multiple clubs and sports. The coaches and club advisors are very understanding and are willing to work with us if we have practice or a meeting.
My school is a really positive place, the parents are very supportive in everything the students do. Whether it be in academics, theater, or athletic events the parents are always out and supporting the whole team and not just their child.
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