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I have been at Hughes STEM High School since my 8th grade year. During my 5 years here, I have met amazing teachers and students. The teachers here help push you to become the best person that you can be. They really believe in their students. They want all of their student to succeed and graduate. I feel like there are a few teachers I can talk to about anything. They are like mentors and role models to a lot of the kids here. The students treat each other like family. They stick up for one another and support each other. Find a group of friends is not a hard thing to do, because everyone is so welcoming. I have enjoyed my experience at Hughes.
What I do like about Hughes STEM High school is this school opens up great opportunities for all students. I recently got the opportunity to travel to Taiwan as a student ambassador to represent my school in a exchange program. They are always looking out for us kids education and I'm very thankful for that.
Hughes in total has some problems to fix but the teachers and the staff are excellent that's why I like hughes
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I like the study tables that teachers held daily to help students that didn’t understand what was talked about in class but could stay after school for help for a better understanding this helps a lot for students that doesn’t ask questions in class, I wouldn’t change anything.
Hughes is a very loving school. The teachers there are determined to teach the students and not just get a pay check. They get involved and they always try to help inside and outside of school. Hughes is more like a second home than it is a school!
There were many different opportunities for the students such as the Zoo Academy, Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology sections of the school. The staff and faculty at the school are very understanding of the students yet still have certain expectations for all students.
I like that they are welling to help with anything and they always there. Hughes teachers and staff never give up on you they push you until they can't push you anymore. They have a lot of after school programs that you can be in including the book nook, the math club, and art.
It is a great school with a very nice educated STEM program. The school also helps you prepare for the future by helping you apply for colleges and having a back up plan after high school.
I liked how Hughes STEM High School have many opportunities for students, they have many activities that you can be involved in. I also like how most of the teachers treat all of their students the same and they don't show favoritism.
I was overblown by niche...I never knew this existed. This empower student to get the driving wheel in their future and get help around the nation financially and possibly even find you the right college to attend!!!
Hughes STEM is a great college preparatory school. The staff really likes to prepare and make sure that you are not surprised when getting to college. They are partnered with the University of Cincinnati. I also like the fact that they care about all of their students and make sure that they are doing something once they graduate, such as have a job, be on their way to college, or be enlisted into the military. A few things that could change would be the food as well as the extracurricular activities. There are many clubs, but they should be broadcast more so people know what they are.
If you come late to school at Hughes you will be searched.
The only after-school activities I personally know of are sports and OAC.
I enjoy this school because of Zoo Academy and although I can live without the Homework it is a very fun and educational place.
I teachers at Hughes Stem High School try to make sure to students understand the topic but will also sometimes leave a student uninformed just so the rest of the class will not be off track or uninformed when the student take the next state test.
Each year the Hughes has gotten better.
The teachers here really care about their students and do everything they can to help them succeed.
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School nurse Children's Hospital doctor services are offered.
They have various clubs and help nights.
The school needs improvement when it comes to peers and their parents. Some people just don't care.
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