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Hughes Springs High School Reviews

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Hughes Springs High School is, overall, a very good school. It is full of people who will do anything to help you succeed, but the school also recognizes that the students must do their part to ensure their successes.
I have had a wonderful four-year journey here. However, I wish that they would offer students choir at the high school level. That is the only negative that this school has.
Hughes Springs High School is a great school, with a lot of community involvement. It provides many opportunities for students to participate in a wide variety of activities in a small-town environment.
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Sports are everything. A few other activities are available
I have been bullied by teachers, not acknowledged when I've given 110% and given up my time to do so...I don't have the right name, money, or play sports so I don't matter.
Some of the teachers are great...others don't engage students well, bully, play favorites (if you have the right name, money or play sports ((especially football)) then you will do fine. There is a teacher there, still employed, who bought alcohol and partied with students. The new superintendent decided that she wants certain teachers out so falsehoods, lies, and made up evidence is presented to the board. When all of this is proven untrue she tries to get their teaching certification pulled.
Our students and staff prepare to excel in everything we do
My school is great at making sure that is kids have everything we want and need
All of our teachers go above and beyond to make sure they teach us to the best of their ability and so it will teach us the way we are able to learn it.
This school is located in a small town and shows in a big way. Everyone looks out for one another even if they do not know you and our town is one big happy family inviting anyone here with open arms.
I would not have wanted to go to another school for the past four year.
I don't really like the food. It always tastes old.
Our admistration is excellent. The administrators listen to everyone and are very understanding.
Our school is mainly geared towards athletics because that is what makes the money. Football games are packed and so are baseball games and softball games.
I love the teachers and always feel at home in the classrooms and in the school in general.
We have a lot of different things for a lot of different people. We have FFA. We have DECA,FCCLA,HOSA, and things like that.
Not very many food options and food isn't very healthy. And do not give enough food to not feel hungry anymore.
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Most teachers are great and do whatever they can to help you learn.
Our guidance counselor is GREAT! She does everything possible to help us. And encourages us to help others.
Teachers always help you when you need it. Guidance counselor is very helpful.
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