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Hughes Middle School Reviews

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all the people a jerks it is a terrible learning environment the teachers a jerks all they care about is money all the people that are "popular" bully people and disrespect the teachers and there are at least 3 fights a day, that place is getto thank god I go to STEAM now
When I had enrolled in the school, I knew that the teachers all around would be there to guide and assist you throughout the year. The elective teachers make sure you have fun, enjoy and also learn what is needed. With times to laugh and times to work Hughes Middle School has been great for me.
The topics taught at Hughes is directed to ensure student's success outside of school and inside of high school.
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There is a police officer on campus at all times. The school is very safe. The nurse's room is very clean and everyone is comfortable receiving help here. Many safety measures are put in place in order to ensure student and faculty safety.
Extracurricular activities appeal to the student's hobbies. Many are student led and faculty supervised. Children look forward to these activities and often try to get other students involved.
This school prepares children for their high school journey. They expose them to many high school events and customs. Every adult tries hard to make sure children reach their potential.
The teachers take education seriously. They refuse to let a child to sink below what they are capable of and always push children to the best of their capability. All of my teachers were very approachable and I was never afraid of asking for help or afraid of being turned down for help.
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