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Hugh M. Cummings High School Reviews

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I love Cummings because they teachers are really dedicated. They care about is in and out of school. Because of our classroom sizes, it is easier to get one on one help from the teachers.
I'd more accurately rate some aspects as good more than very good. It was overwelmong at first picking glasses like you would in college but they also have an advisor hovering to help.
I loved Hugh M. Cummings High School. I started there in 2013, which was my freshman year. I graduated in 2017 as Valedictorian. The teachers and staff were always nice. The staff was committed to their work and made sure every student had what they needed to succeed. I would like to see more options in the cafeteria, but other than that I cannot think of one thing to change!
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hugh m cummings high school is a amazing school to go to. this school is predominantly black school but has amazing mixture of other races. the academics are practically college as the teachers give work almost everyday. there is a clear difference between honors and regular classes and it gives anyone the perfect readiness for higher education and life in general.
I believe Hugh M Cummings High school is a diverse high school. That needs more resources to supply all the ethnicities and backgrounds for students. I am of a Hispanic background,undocumented, and live on my own. Resources are hard to obtain for me. I find it hard to join classes that would benefit me. My counselors need more improvement, and resources.
The staff are very involved with students and care for the students future. I wish more students wanted to get involved with the sports at the school.
At Cummings High School, the staff have created such a safe learning environment. Students are put first and we enjoy wanting to come to school everyday. This year, we’ve received the highest growth that we have ever had. This is a result of our hard work and dedication. Not just academically, but socially as well. We have a strong student body and our clubs and organizations are always helping out the school, and our communities to make everything great.
My experience in Cummings have been really good and chill. There are teachers and staff that do or actually think of their students as their own child and try to lead them on the right path. I wish that the school could get lockers and more social events to bring the school even closer as a whole.
My experience at Hugh M Cummings was decent the teacher are okay and the students are okay .... I guess I just wish we never hold a bad reputation due to past relationship status
Most teachers are very helpful and they want to see you succeed. Aside from the bad rep that we get it's not a bad school at all. I wouldn't have made it through high school without the support of my peers and my family and my teachers.
While many people in the community look down on Cummings, the bond between the staff and the students is one that is unbreakable. You will receive an amazing education from teachers who are passionate about you and your success. I would not be the student I am today without the amazing guidance that I received from all of my teachers in my four years at Hugh M. Cummings.
My experience was okay. It's a really great school that is progressing to be a better school. A lot of top students have came out of Cummings.
The thing that I loved about Cummings the most was the diversity of the school. I also enjoyed the dedication that the teachers showed for their work. Many wanted to see their students succeed and it was evident in the way that they were motivated and involved with the work that their students were doing.
The place is old but it's alright. It's a somwhat diverse place but everyone has their own group. Some classes are fun and you actually can focus on what you're learning.
Overall, high school was a year of hard work and dedication. There's many resources to thrive throughout high school. I wouldn't change a thing.
The after school activities are great because not only do you get someone in school that wants to see you succeed you also have a coach or a teacher that is ahead of a club . Also the administration is excellent they will also help you if you teachers can't not only in personal problems but also in your school work .
My favorite part of this school is My extracurricular activities,such as track and the dream team . It is fun not only doing school work but being able to communicate with others from different schools.
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The teachers at my school will go above and beyond to help students . Such as stay as long as the student needs to , making sure that everybody has mastered the concept and if not they will try to find a way for everyone to get the subject.
Bell ringer at the entrance. Not anyone can come in.
Any student can join after school activates.
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