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Hugh B. Bain Middle School Reviews

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The health and safety policies are okay they are your average stuff.
There are many available resources available to those with a disability. Special education students are among the students at this school. The teachers are just as dedicated to those with handicaps. They all work well as a school community
It's an old school but the outdoor facilities are used and in good condition. We have a track, soccer, and football field all in one. Tennis courts are not on school grounds but a few miles away and they were just redone. Baseball field is on the other side of the school. We have use of the local YMCA. The previous principal was a coach in our city and still is. There is also basketball courts too. Cheerleading is also available.
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There is the Bain Plus II program which provides different types of activities for students after school. There Is after school homework help. The students could also go into school early before school starts for certain classes for help. Dance troop club, Science Olympiad group.
While my children were attending the school I have to say the teachers were attentive to them if they needed help . They had to be responsible enough to ask for it. They would spend more time if needed by

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Making a schedule for the dates and times they could meet with the student
There were various ethnicity's at this school that ranged from mexican, american, chinese, korean, italian, cambodian, spanish, portugese, german, polish, japanese, and jewish. There were after school activities and school programs like Project RESPECTand Bain Plus II. I can't say there was no peer pressure and or challenges racially/ ethically but it was always handled in a fair and just way.
I have and will always recommend this school over the other middle schools in my city. My father was a graduate of this school back in 1936. He's gone now, but I know he would be very proud that his gradchildren have graduated from his al mamata. He would also be proud of the work and dedication that is given on a daily basis at the school. My children will take with them the lessons they've learned and I can have the peace of mind to know they can accomplish anything they put their mind to because of that. It's a partnership of home, school and community.
All administration including teachers, secretaries, school nurse, and janitorial staff were on board with city/state wide guidelines from the RI Dept. of Health to ensure an informed and healthy school lifestyle. From nutrition to vaccinations. Especially duRing cold and flu seasons with free flu vaccinations clinics for the entire school community. As to safety there were countless drills done during school as well as on weekends to protect all in the community and inform the children how to protect themselves and others.
The teachers were in contact with you if ever there was concern wether it was regarding home work or testing. Our preparedness was to make sure they had the supplies needed for each class. The high school they attended was chosen by our geographical location. Every step was taken to ensure a smooth transition to the high school attended.
ThIs middle school is in an area of town that has a very diverse populaton. I have to say I was worried when my child was going to attend school. Only five children from our elementary school were going there and the children weren't in the same classes together. To my surprise my worry turned into an appreciation for an administration unlike anyother. It started with the simple but yet profound word, "RESPECT". The faculty have created an environment where the children from all types of backgrounds and home life understood the true meaning of this word. There was never a time when I was at the school that I ever heard any child speak disrespectful to anyone. If anything I was greated with a smile and good morning or good afternoon. My child loved going to school and had teachers who cared and went above and beyond to make sure every child who attended had a well rounded education, help whenever it was needed and family like environment to make sure every child succeed. Not only did they graduate, but they became respectful and responsible youngsters who loved learning and being apart of their community.
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