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Hufford Junior High School Reviews

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My step daughter is enrolled at hufford middle school. She has always had difficulty with school and social interactions. The school portal has been very helpful with keeping in touch with teachers, tracking grades, and confirming homework presence. She has started seeing a social worker (located at the school) to help her deal with bullying and making friends. The school will also be testing her for a learning disability.
Overall the school is pretty amazing. The environment is very fun and there are many activities that you can do at the school, such as sports and clubs. I loved my experience there.
This school helped me grow and because of its size, the teachers were always around to help and give advice if one needed it. Kids came from different backgrounds and it was a friendly atmosphere.
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The teachers gave notes on the topics we were learning about and it really helped me remember the information. The notes were given via powerpoint but layed out in a way where things were easy to write down and stayed in your mind.
Sports and clubs are offered to everyone and they're great
I loved the years I spent at this school, it successfully prepared me for high school while providing me with valuable education as well as character growth.
Teachers were available to help outside of school and helped me to get my grades up while encouraging me to always do my best.
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