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Huffman High School Magnet Reviews

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Huffman High School isn’t the perfect school but it is the best school there can be. When tough situations awaken us, we all stand together as one while facing the difficulty that challenges us. Even though there could be an improvement in the way the staff is doing their jobs around the school.
School is terrible. Never felt safe. Students are loud and obnoxious and don’t listen to teachers or authority figures. There are few students who are actually there to receive an education. Do not send your children here if you want them to receive a proper education.
What I liked about Huffman High School was that I was apart of the school band and the school lacrosse team. They offered construction classes that even had beneficial fieldtrips and internships for the construction classes and the cosmetology and health class.
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I don't feel I was prepared enough in order to be ready for college. Most of the teachers did not assign homework on a regular basis. Safety was another concern at the school. Students came and left as they pleased and I felt anyone could enter the school undetected. If I had my high school years to do over again, I would have not have chosen to attend Huffman.
Huffman is a good school it can be better .Safety and preparing student for college can involve. Also preparing teacher to deal with safety issues. The facility is awesome Huffman has a beautiful campus it's like a junior college. Every sport and clubs you name it Huffman High has it.
I really loved Huffman High School from the students to the staff. It was fun all the time and the teachers really put there all into helping students out.
Huffman high school has so many pathways for student to chose from to decide what they want to be when they grow up. It is just amazing..!!!!
Huffman High School isn’t the perfect school but it is the best school there can be. When tough situations awaken us, we all stand together as one while facing the difficulty that challenges us. Even though their could be improvement in the way the staff are doing their jobs around the school.
As an alumni of Huffman High School, I truly enjoyed my educational experience while I was there. I was the Senior Class President, a member of the Beta Club, and soon became a member of the National Honor Society. The clubs/ activities that were available helped us to stay involved with school events. I do feel that resources are limited to an extent, but more funds should be provided to promote better resources for students.
My experience at huffman will be one of the most memorable moments of my life. Huffman itself taught me more than just how to write with a pencil, but most importantly how to be independent. The environment at huffman was strange to me in a way that inspired me to want to do better for myself. i learned my most important lesson at huffman which was to become independent. This class was way more complex to me because i didn't understand pre-AP algebra before i got there. My calculus teacher got on to me every minute of his class simply because i didn't understand, but i didn't understand because my former teachers never fully taught me. However, I realized that everything is not handed out to you and that you have to do way more in your own to assure that you understand because at the end of the day nobody is going to hold your hand through life. I'm so glad i experienced both sides of an educator at huffman because it didn't kill me but only made me stronger and wiser.
Huffman High school this best high school ever . Sometimes it gets rough but most of the time its great. it gets even better when you find a group of great friends. They push you to do better. Its hard at times but your ready for college when its time.
Huffman is a great school to attend. There's so many organizations and clubs you can join. There's something for everybody here. The teachers are so generous and sweet toward the students and they develop great relationships with the students
Academic, the staff member and the time they put in to make the school run more smoothly, the activities, and how we do things. they can improved by cleaning, more responsible teachers, better schedule, and more discipline.
This is a VERY involved school where everyone cares and wants to be apart of their students Future! When I transferred they worked very hard to help me integrate into the school smoothly. Also they helped me fix my courses to help me graduate on time ( i am an out of state transfer).
My experience at Huffman was about the best as any other school thats in the state of Alabama. Huffman high school taught me a lot of life lessons. We might have a had some bad incidents in the past, but we end up being a bigger and better family than before the incident happen. Huffman is a great academically school and as well have some of best athletes. Always remember student come first than athletics. One thing I wish I can take back is my grades the should of been a lot higher than what they were but my commitment it is to do 110% better in college. Thank you Huffman for making me be the better man I am today.
My experience at this learning facility has not been mostly great. I consider this school to be the worst in the Birmingham City School District. The administrators arent very pleasant with the parents. A few teachers don't even really teach and like to share every single
bit of personal information with students. Not only administration is the issue, the issue also relies on the students that have no sense of motivation to go to their classes and excel in them. Half of them do not care or respect other students and have discipline issues.
here believe that fighting will resolve every issue. Which ruins their records and their chances of getting a job, into college etc. There have been incidents where a student has either a weapon on the campus or a drug. Most seniors attending this school will not be graduating this year due to the lack of students not making up failed courses by simply going to night school and credit recovery.
What i liked about Huffman was that it had a good learning system.I would love to change some teacher because I really don't learn anything in some of Me class.
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Huffman high is definitely a school where you find yourself. It gets you ready for the real world. Teaches you way more outside academics and it is ranked #2 in our school system.
Overall it was a fun experience which was what I wanted out of highschool. Education wise, I wasn't fully satisfied. I would to see more programs focused on aiding high schoolers in the college process.
Huffman can be a good school at times but there are a few problems . the food isn't very well , the teachers actually give you a hard time . school gets stressful when you aren't being taught . we aren't being taught anything we are just given work and told to do it . some students are being failed for not having the right supplies , in one of my classes my teacher gave my class a test the test included ten questions total one of my fellow classmates missed two of the questions and made a 45 that isn't the right way to grade I think we deserve better teachers with better grading skills at Huffman high the whole school is going to fail if we don't do something about it .the principal is never at the school. our teachers are very lazy and my parents are really concerned . most of the student I see are stressing everyday I just want to make my school better.
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