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Hueytown High School Reviews

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It is a great school with wonderful teachers. I would just say that its like any other school and teaches unnecessary things.
Hueytown High School is a wonderful school to attend. The school provides career readiness to any student. That’s the best part about it. It’s like you are actually training or in school for the occupation. The administration/board makes new plans to keep other students safe. They also come up with ways to get all the students in class. They put learning first. The staff and students thrive for school spirit. We love our sports.
I enjoyed my experience with the Band but
I would change the disciplinary policies to be more strict.
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Decent experience, but could've been better. I rated most things about the school as average. Not all of the teachers know how to connect on a student level to the subject matter, only the level they know as a college graduate.
I like how Hueytown has their plans organized out in advanced. I like how most teachers take their time and actually help the students. I like how they are not too big about dress code because to me it distracts the students. I don’t like how the principles let kids get on their good side to get out of trouble.
Hueytown is a great school with great academics and teachers. I love Hueytown just because it’s like a big family.
They aren’t really ready or trying to make anything better over the years since both my sisters have been there
The one thing I liked the most at Hueytown was how diverse it was. I would like the teachers to engage more with students but they do the best they can.
I really enjoyed the Fine Arts Program at Hueytown. It was a great way to stay involved during my high school tenure, and the teachers and sponsors were extremely invested in the lives of myself and other students.
My experience was very well. I would have to say my favorite part about Hueytown are the teachers they really care about if u are learning. They are not teachers who just give grades . The school diversity is amazing i went to school with a lot of different people outside of my race. The one thing i would like to change is the organization. Hueytown high school is very unorganized. If they where more organized it would help
I would like to see an improvement in the health science class. The teachers are very nice and are always willing to help students out if their struggling. The restrooms aren’t always clean but they do have a lot of them. Our principal always has some very uplifting words of advice every morning on the intercom and I enjoyed being around people that made me feel welcomed there.
I enjoy being a student at HHS. The teachers are caring , concerned. I feel I am being prepared for college. I enjoy the culture, sports, social life, etc.
Hueytown is very nice and overall good school, Some of the drama between students can be overwhelming so it's best to stick to a small bunch of friends. It is a good school, and the teachers are kind and really work to help the students.
The school has some advantages and disadvantages. One advantage of going to Hueytown High School is that the school has a lot of opportunity. I have been in the Jefferson county school system my whole life. Hueytown is one of the top rated schools in the school system we have good teachers and good staff that looks over the students. There are some disadvantages as well like most schools. Some of those are that we have to many students for the class rooms. We have about 25-32 students in one class to 1 teacher and that is academic classes like math, English, science , etc.. But over all it is not a bad public school there is somethings I would improve but that is not my decision to make.
I enjoyed the connections I made with some of my teachers, they actually care about their students. One change that I would like to see is that the whole school develop more school spirit, such as by wearing more school colors, decorating the hallways, being more supportive of sports, the arts, academics, etc.
Overall a good experience, but ran into some problems with select teachers and counselors where they were not very helpful.
I like some of the teacher here at Hueytown High School. In most of my classes I feel like I am learning everything I need to know for that class. I dislike some staff and some students. Some students do not care about their education and disrupt classes making it hard for those students who want to learn. Some teachers are rude and pick favorites. Also some just don't try. However, there are those types of students at every school so that can't be helped. Overall all I would say my experience at Hueytwon High School hasn't been that bad.
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Hey! I am a junior at Hueytown High School! I love this school! We are a very diverse high school and everyone seems to make an attempt to get alone! Unfortunately, school lunch, disgusting. The food itself could be better, like at other highschools, but our lunch ladies are very kind and caring. Administration is somewhat okay. People have school pride and have fun at our school. As a junior here, it is always a safe, fun, and great place to be.
I love Hueytown its like as soon you walk in you are welcome and greeted I wouldn't like nothing to change
Overall, Hueytown High School is a good place to get your High School Diploma. While my school is far from perfect, I can't say it is really lacking in any one specific area besides food. I love our block scheduling, so I get to leave the campus before lunch time anyways because I'm a senior and have enough credits to do this. So the farther in school you make it, the more flexible your schedule becomes, and that's the most important thing in a school for me.
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