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I like that there is a lot of students with different types of ethnicity and there's a a lot of amazing clubs and sports.
liked the teachers, most of them are amazing. hated the food, but thats probably the district's fault, not the school itself
The school itself isn't great but there's good people here and some really good teachers. I got along fine, went to my classes, and got all my credits so I can't complain. Plenty of friends to make but i guess that's everywhere else too.
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I have been attending Hueneme High School for 4 years and my experience has been great. The staff at this school is really involved with the students and always checking on them. One thing I would like to see change is the lunch lines. There are really long lines and my peers get unmotivated to stand in line and most of the time they do not get food. Overall the environment there is super friendly and I love it.
I enjoy the wide selections Hueneme High school has that apply in clubs. The one club that had me suprised was our LBGQ club that they have at my school. I am proud that my school is thinking about their students to be able to do a club that they support or involve in the LBGQ community . These pass four attending hueneme is honorable all the teacher try their best improve their students knowledge on the subject rather then giving them packets to do on their own and they provide you with tutoring weather or not if your not passing their class.
I really liked the counselors Hueneme had, they were very helpful and the faculty overall were very kind people. It was a very fun experience, events and school life was very unique and the people and faculty really made it worth while. I would like the school to receive more funding from the state, there are a lot of bring minds but funding is low compared to neighboring high schools. Its a great school with great people.
I loved that everyone is extremely nice to each other. People are free to be who they are in that school and no one cares. Once thing I would change is college readiness. I feel like they could probably teach us a bit more on the process of applying and accepting colleges.
Lack of diversity and understanding towards students other than Latino - there is no support for minorities besides Latino, lack of resources, lack of classes- either to easy or hard, lack of effort from front staff- they have an attitude and specifically the attendance lady, lack of caring teachers most are rude and act like they don't know the subject they are teaching, not enough teachers to teach classes which limits the amount and type of classes they offer, organization - they are not good at telling important information or schedules , knowledgeable counselors who want to help you, instead of acting like you're a burden and should be there for you instead of you hunting them down. The schools lack school spirit and need a whole makeover.
I had a quiet experiences, rarely had trouble. Food was bad though, it was frozen and sometimes tasteless buy it was editable. It had many clubs and organizations which helped with communication.
I really loved this school because every faculty there can be nice an its a small campus that you know everyone not like other big schools.
Loved how staff and administrators are always there to support us and always telling us to keep trying in school and never give up. Having the support to get us to college and the importance of obtaining a degree to change our lives and for the next generation. Having clubs that are interested like Mecha in getting involved with our culture and being able to open the doors and making me be a better student so I can keep going till I reach my goal
My experience hasn’t been the best but it also hasn’t been the worst. I personally do care about my education and most of the time it seems like the teacher and staff don’t. Along with other students,since more than half of them seem to take their education as a joke. I wish we had more reliable teachers and sources. Our school never informs about important things, I had to find out about scholarships on my own because they’re afraid of seeing us succeed without their “help”. I only know one or two reliable teachers in that entire school. Everything in that schools doesn’t even come to learning stuff,it’s comes to memorizing. There is so much I wish could change. From the food to the environment. It’s not even a place where you get to feel safe because sometimes it’s even the own staff that has disgusting behavior.
I enjoyed going to school here, they had a lot of activities on campus to get students involved. The teachers were great and so helpful.
Hueneme High School is a good school. They have helped me prepare for college and I was provided with helpful information. The sports program is not that great but with the right determination there is always space to improve.
I loved my experience at Hueneme High School. The only thing I would change is some students' attitudes toward school. Many kids are way too negative and could care less about school. However, one can't force other people to change.
During my years in Hueneme High School, I have had a good experience. High school is tough, but luckily there are teachers and staff who are there for support and help out in many ways. However, there are some improvements that can be made like more resources to help students get more encouraged in school.
My experience at Hueneme High school as a senior has not been that great. The school needs a lot of improvement within their staff including their counselors. Counselors at Hueneme High do not seem to put enough effort into their students and making sure they have the classes they need in order to meet graduation and college admission requirements. This school also needs tremendous improvement on their discipline with students. Students at this school are disrespectful towards other students as well as teachers and staff. This kind of environment is unhealthy for the whole Hueneme high community, especially for those trying their very best to succeed. I believe that this school can improve only if teachers and staff put more effort into teaching their students to be more kind and respectful. It is also a job for parents to teach their children these principles so that every student can go to school each day feeling safe and happy.
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Hueneme High School where you'll find teachers that care about you and that will help you succeed. They will push you to do your best and they see your potential. There are many ethnicities at this school ranging from Hispanic all the way to Samoan. It has a great cultural vibe and it has many different clubs that will suit everyone's interest. However, I did give Hueneme High School a three star rating due to the staff in the office. Many of the staff in the office can be very rude at times and always seem unhappy with their job. That can ruin the atmosphere of the school.
What I like about my school is that everyone is kind and friendly to each other. Additionally, the staff are really amazing, and always want what is best for the students. Not only that, but the teachers are really great and are always there to help, no matter what.
I adored the very welcoming teachers and staff who assisted me everyday. The teachers I had were concerned with my well-being and academic success. The staff continues to encourage students to pursue the goal of graduation. I hope to see a change in the cleanliness of the trash cans, as they did smell horrible as you stood next to them.
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