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What I like about Hudsonville High School are the opportunities presented. We have several AP classes offered to us, as well as many extracurriculars and many student-led clubs. We have good teachers and many serious students.
What I don't so much like are how few counselors we have; we don't have enough for as many students as we have and that can impact learning.
I liked the teachers and other stuff, they made it a fun place to be and were always very helpful. I enjoyed playing sports for the school. If I could change one thing it would be to change some teachers way of going about a class and how they teach, and also how they treat students.
I would like to see more diversity. I would like more modern classrooms, and a way to have more hands on learning
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I was able to be myself. I feel like I am now prepared for the future, and I absolutely love the staff. I really wish that they changed up a few things so that the special education program was more intertwined with the whole school instead of just a small group of students.
One of the reasons I like HHS is because of the science classes they offer. The science teachers radiate positive energy and create a fun learning environment! Another reason I like HHS is the school spirit and unity of the student body.
I transferred to Hudsonville in 8th grade.
It is very hard already for being in middle School. But from the first time I entered the school the counselor and principal treated me as family. Introduced me to a great group of girls. It just felt like I belonged from day one.
Hudsonville High School has a great education, amazing and friendly teachers, a variety of classes, and a large new campus. Some down sides are the low racial diversity, the large number of students, and student political biased in sports teams.
Hudsonville has so much to offer and is extremely inviting. The academics that are offered help students at all levels, challenging those who need it while helping those who may all behind.
I've been in the Hudsonville Public School District since kindergarten and I wouldn't have wanted to spend so many years anywhere else. The teachers at Hudsonville High School encourage you to further your education beyond the four years of high school.
Some teachers are awesome! Dress code and rules are way too strict. Have a lot of different classes to offer and gives you experience of future career choices. Can gain a lot of college credit with all of the AP classes the school has to offer.
Hudsonville High School is very advanced educationally.... for those who take advantage of it. It is a very large school and often I felt like a small fish in a large pond. My personal experience went very well socially because I am innately outgoing. But I know of many who did not have a pleasant experience because of how social high school has to be. The sports there do very well and currently we have a three year running-state champion women's water polo team. However, it is very difficult to make the teams at the high school because of how comptetitive we are, along with how large of a pool we have to choose from. Overall I had a great experience, but it is very possible to not walk away feeling content with the high school experience provided by HHS.
Hudsonville High has exponentially in the past 5-10 years. The district itself is in a great area that used to be farmland, but with the growing reputation of the area more families are moving in and creating more of a community atmosphere. The students grow up living quite close to each other, so there are always plenty of other kids and teens around to be friends with. The clubs are filled with passionate students and some, such as the robotics club, have worked with such tenacity as to have won in competitions across the nation. The sports teams are all very good and there are a wide variety of extremely competitive choices that students can participate in throughout the school year, most of the alumni from these teams end up going to university to play at the collegiate level. Overall HHS is a fantastic place to learn and grow and has the resources readily available for students to succeed.
I have had all of my education in the Hudsonville district: From pre k all the way to senior year. Hudsonville is a place where administration has treated me very well. There were times were students made me feel unsafe, and I spoke to someone briefly about it, and it was taken very seriously. Administration shows that they truly care about you, and the counselors work their very hardest to meet with each kid multiple times to help prepare them for their future. Teachers here tend to pick favorites though. Half of the teachers are truly amazing. The other half of the teachers are rude and unprofessional. The students at Hudsonville can be very judgemental and fake, but the school does try very hard to combat this. Hudsonville is a very safe school that takes care of each student and lets them know they are cared for. Overall, Hudsonville is a great school, it just has some judgemental teens (which is to be expected). Also, the food is mediocre.
Hudsonville High School is a school that puts a lot of effort in making sure every student has a chance. They have a very dedicated staff, who are happy to help for most issues. They have slightly limited clubs, but they are all awesome. You can take many classes here that you may not be able to study in at other districts, and have A.P. classes in most subjects, while also offering dual enrollment, technical training, and work-based learning opportunities. While the food is pretty bad, it is getting better. The campus hosts 2 auditoriums, 2 pools, 3 gyms, a tennis court, and a track and field.
I could not imagine a better place to learn. I love this school. I will miss coming here and seeing the friendly faces that fill the building each and every day.
I enjoyed my time at Hudsonville High School. The teachers were kind and supporting. The guidance counselors would assist in any preparation needed for college, including scholarship opportunities and student loan availability. The culture of the school was focused on being friendly and supporting to all. Furthermore, despite the size, the staff would try to make every student feel special. I loved Hudsonville High School and would recommend it to anyone. Fire up, go Eagles!
High level of education and a great opportunity to advance academically. Has a great athletic program and has a wide variety of extra curricular activities, including, but not limited to, Robotics, Green Team, SLIC, Renaissance, and drama.
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At Hudsonville Highschool I felt like just about anyone could find a place to fit in, no matter who they felt like they are. The staff at Hudsonville have always been amazing, I've attended at Hudsonville schools for 13 years. I'm glad I am here and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
I loved my experience at Hudsonville High School- all of the staff take the initiative to help you learn, and the environment is very welcoming and spirited.
Hudsonville is full of amazing staff. I have always been able to get personalized help from all of my teachers, which in turn, helped me be successful!
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