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High level of education and a great opportunity to advance academically. Has a great athletic program and has a wide variety of extra curricular activities, including, but not limited to, Robotics, Green Team, SLIC, Renaissance, and drama.
At Hudsonville Highschool I felt like just about anyone could find a place to fit in, no matter who they felt like they are. The staff at Hudsonville have always been amazing, I've attended at Hudsonville schools for 13 years. I'm glad I am here and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
I loved my experience at Hudsonville High School- all of the staff take the initiative to help you learn, and the environment is very welcoming and spirited.
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Hudsonville is full of amazing staff. I have always been able to get personalized help from all of my teachers, which in turn, helped me be successful!
Hudsonville High School is a wonderful place to learn. When one takes a step into the building, the immediate embrace of being an eagle warms the heart and truly inspires excellence. Hudsonville High School is full of bright minds and administrators who are always available to help. The school climate is one of happiness and has plenty of variety (Classes and students) so that everyone can find their place and fit in somewhere. Aside from academic and athletic excellence, students also have the opportunity to tap into their own talents and ideas through many leadership positions and extracurriculars to join like (drama club, green team, student council, SLIC, etc.) As an eagle within Hudsonville High School, I have gone through my high school career surrounded by encouragement, embraced with love/care, and challenged with innovative learning and classes.
Such a beautiful school! I wish I had one like this around me when I was my Daughter's age! And don't get me started on the new Freshman building, my daughter swims and the pool is the best I have ever seen. All of the staff is so nice to the students and they are always will to help them out when they need it.
I loved my teachers. All of them! My senior year Algebra teacher was the reason I managed to pull off an A in my worst subject.
My experience with Hudsonville High School was a pretty crazy ride. Freshman year was a downfall for me, as well as Sophomore year. I was going through things and they dragged my down drastically, and unfortunately I let them bring me down. But Junior year I finally realized what I needed to do and I realized that I needed to kick my butt in gear so I then started working very hard in school and I showed up and did my stuff. As i'm finishing high school here, I am sitting in a pretty great chair compared to what I was sitting in early on. Thanks for some of the great teachers at Hudsonville.
Hudsonville High School is an excellent school. The School district as a whole has a great reputation! The high school has excellent instructors that set high expectations both academically, athletically and socially for students. I feel very prepared for college due to my education at HHS. The school offers many educational experiences with opportunities of advanced placement classes. The one disadvantage is that the district is growing so fast that many students, in my opinion, do not get the opportunity to participate especially in athletics unless they are a stellar athlete.
The academics are good and there are a lot of clubs. Students are overall very nice, however there is not much diversity.
Hudsonville High School is a great environment for learning and growing. The teachers are excellent, there is a positive community and there are many opportunities to excel.
Over all I have enjoyed my time at HHS. The part that makes it most memorable is the teachers. All the teachers at Hudsonville are always there to support you and encourage you. Some of the teachers that made the biggest difference in my high school career were my AP teachers. I feel this is because I got to get to know them over a full year instead of over just a trimester. It's also because they make you excited about the topic you are learning, it's a class that you choose, and a topic they love. One of my favorite teachers was my AP U.S. History teacher, Mr. Beemer, he was always full of energy and you could see his passion for history. You could also see that he cared for his students beyond their grades, he wanted to get to know who they truly were.
If I could change one thing about HHS, I would change the student culture. There are always clicks which makes it hard to get to know people unless you are apart of a sport.
I have went through Hudsonville Public Schools my entire life. Through ups and downs, I have always found that the teachers are here for me in any need and are willing to do whatever it takes to help me in not only academics, but with my personal life as well. With teachers who are willing to come in on the weekend to help me out with a test, or weight training teachers who keep me accountable on dieting and exercise. The vast groups of classes that we hold give a great meaning behind why we are a top tier school in Michigan. One thing that should change for the benefit of others is trades-based courses. Whether it be a class offered at the school dealing with electricity or how to change a tire, the trades are a huge industry that HPS should be at the forefront of. Overall, My experiences throughout the years in Hudsonville will benefit from here on, as I make crucial decisions for my future.
Hudsonville High School is a very professional school. The staff does everything they can to make sure students learn the material and get done what they need to get done.
My experience with Hudsonville High School has been pretty average. While the faculty are incredibly kind and understanding and the campus is quite pleasant, the student body itself could be improved, as there is not a lot of diversity within it. I hope that after I graduate that there may be a chance for that to change.
I loved the classes and the teachers, some teachers made extraordinary connections with the students at more than just classroom relationship. Having so many options in choosing what classes I wanted to take, gave me a little taste of each occupation I got to explore.
Hudsonville High school put my academic needs at the forefront and promoted the education of others. Throughout my 4 years there, I learned many things and how my impact influences the community surrounding me. It's important to note, how much Hudsonville High School respected me and taught me throughout my time there.
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Hudsonville High School generally consists of teachers who possess a strong desire to better the lives of their students. Of course, not all teachers are amazing. A few are close-minded or simply lazy, but overall, the teachers I had were great.
Hudsonville has provided me with an outstanding education. The teachers care about their students and their learning.
What I love about Hudsonville High School is the incredible staff and the comfortable atmosphere. Being not too large of a school, Hudsonville allows you to get to know other students pretty well in addition to the staff. This school makes sure they hire the best, most caring teachers. I feel very welcome when I walk the halls, and I never go a day without feeling like the school is invested in my education. If there were anything the school could change, I would say expand on the size of their buildings, because it is a rapidly-growing district.
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