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All 4 years at Bay, it was lame, nothing excited. Only sports that excited me and the teachers were great. I didn't failed any classes
My overall experience at Hudson’s Bay has been pretty good. I’ve liked it the best out of schools I’ve been to before I’ve made a lot of friends and i like a lot of the teachers, and the overall environment of the school has been good and chill.
The environment at Hudson's Bay is pretty good. I've made some really good friends there and I enjoy the sports programs a lot, but I wish there was more funding for them. Since it's a low income school, the budget isn't superb, but I'm glad that families of low income are able to attend Hudson's Bay because there is more assistance available for them from the Family Resource Center and the Career Center in terms of financial and academic assistance.
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They aren't very good at understanding how to treat Transgender people and their struggles or kids with mental disorders that aren't autism.
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The school is full of great teachers and students who are supportive of every club and sport. The teachers help with everything and are super flexible with sports and other activities. The bay community is just a welcoming environment that everyone should get the chance to experience.
My experience with Hudson's Bay High School was wonderful. Ever since middle school I knew that I going to attend this high school. I know that the school will change next year. Ever year there is always a new schedule, new teachers, but just minor changes. I hope one day it won't just change, but everything always changes over time.
Overall, the school itself is very kind and the academic choices are wonderful. But, the students tend to be a bit standoffish and into their cliques. Other than the students, the school itself is great and the teachers and wonderful.
The school is very clean and there are many resources available at the school to utilized in aiding studying, along with this many teachers are friendly and well versed in their teachings.
Most of the teachers are mediocre, but there are some that are quite exceptional at their job. The building is old.
Hudson's Bay is a very diverse school of people from many different backgrounds. The counselors are very knowledgeable and great at helping kids through college and scholarship applications. The teachers are a real mixed bag, but many of them understand that we're the "poor school" in our district and work around that. Any programs implemented by the admins are ridiculous and become great inside jokes for the students. Weed is the most common drug on campus and is really ignored by most adults, but there is no systemic hard drug use. Diversity is respected and celebrated through school-sponsored and student-organized events.
I like the teachers a lot. Some of course more than others but thus far many of my teachers have connected with me personally and have helped me with so much. Their is a wide range of different students as well as my school who a very dedicated to being in class on time, getting good grades, and showing effort to reaching their goals.
Hudson's Bay is a good school, however the student population is sometimes a little rough. I enjoyed the classes and the running start program is great.
During my Freshman through Junior year's of High School I really like the teachers were able to help you if you had a problem with the question that you a re suppose to answer. The Counselors are friendly, the career center staff they helped me with refurbishing a n scholarship essay. I would like to see the disciplinary action taken better with the administration.
At Hudsons Bay High School they have a veriety of different races, many students work hard and strive to succeed. At Bay the teachers are not caring, they continuously will put you down and you will pretty much then be caused to learn on yourself. This is coming from one with a GPA of 3.7.
Teachers are constantly trying to have students critical think by; asking questions, going back to the text, and understand the mistakes you have made to improve them in the future. teachers also try to introduce new things for example games or technology so you can learn better, last year our history teacher was going over the Great Depression and in order to understand the what had occurred we played a Stock Market game instead of having a lecture. My current math teacher has introduced My Math Lab this helps us with homework and allows us to see what we need help on. It also helps with your homework because you can see if you get the right answer or not.
There is always something going on during lunch for different type of people. For example during lunch time the gym is always open to play soccer and anyone can come in and play. The career center is always opened and welcoming for those who have questions about college, scholarships, jobs etc.
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In this school there is a club or program for everyone. For example there is a Bible study group for those who are Christian students. For the students who enjoy helping out and being involved in the community there is Key Club and the Red Cross. If a student like to be active there is football, soccer, volleyball, cross country etc, and so many more sports.
If I could go back in time I would've joined cross country since freshmen year. I was afraid of not fitting in and not being accepted by the team. This year (my senior year) I faced a challenge because I had to join a sport in order to graduate, having this as my only choice I joined cross country. I've had so many memories with unique and supporting people constantly asking me how I"m doing, they make me feel proud of representing bay and I also regret not joining earlier. Overall the team is very supporting and it has been/ is one of the best high school experiences this far.
Teachers at Hudson's are constantly trying to find new ways to make class fun and enjoyable along with gaining a new learning experience. For example my AP U.S History teacher turned her classroom into a Trent from World War One so we could get an idea of how war life was like. My Spanish teacher made our final into a fun and creative experience because we had to recreate a scene from the pirates of the Caribbean with props and in front of our class.
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