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Hudson Montessori is unlike any school in NE Ohio. If your child is engaged and committed to learning, they will see themselves succeed in unlikely ways. If your child is aimless and simply needs a babysitter, this school is not for you.
The atmosphere in the building is happy and relaxed. The students feel cared for and respected. It’s amazing to see the sense of pride in the students whether they’re learning to clean a spill as a three year old or the eighth level students giving their speeches at graduation.
Beautiful school community. A great Montessori education provided by loving, committed, and knowledgable teachers. Toddler through Middle School, a Montessori education is the best education a child can receive. Students are treated as individuals and the focus goes beyond academics to develop complete human beings.
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We love our students. They know that and they feel safe to be who they are. We have a tight knit community that is supportive and happy.
Hudson Montessori School is a special place where each student is treated like an individual. There are great teachers that truly care about the children and wonderful, helpful staff. It is a diverse school community with unique experiential learning for the students.
Hudson Montessori School is a great place to both grow as a person and develop as a student. Students can begin classes here in the Toddler Program and continue through 8th Grade in the Middle School. The school is enriched by a great family atmosphere and a very experienced, long-tenured faculty.
The sun shines brighter at Hudson Montessori is such a happy place. The faculty is beyond compare and the children truly thrive in an environment that helps them achieve their very best.
Hudson Montessori has given my children the foundation that they will need to succeed not only at the next level, but in life. It is about so much more than just the academics (which are fantastic!) Students learn from the earliest years grace and courtesy, how to peacefully resolve conflicts, and how to be independent. My oldest went to HMS for 8 years and has transitioned beautifully into high school, quickly realizing just how well prepared she was for that next level. I am confident that my children will not only to succeed at high school and college, but more importantly, in life, thanks to HMS.

It is a testament to a school when the graduates come back to visit, and that is something that happens all the time with HMS graduates. It is great to see that they keep in touch with each other, their former teachers, and are excelling in a variety of areas.
As an educator there is a strong connection to our students and families who I serve over multiple years. The multi-age classroom we offer allows for peer mentoring and for the teacher to gain a deeper understanding of the student's needs and strengths
Hudson Montessori School is a great place to work. It is a warm, inviting community that fosters continued education by encouraging yearly professional development opportunities.
I have 2 children attending Hudson Montessori School and couldn’t be happier. From the quality of the faculty/staff to the outcome of the graduates, this school is amazing!
My grandchildren have been attending Hudson Montessori School for 8 years. They look forward to school and have had great relationships with their teachers. I love how they love to learn. Hudson Montessori School is like a second family.
HMS is the best Montessori elementary school in Northeast Ohio. We have been at the school for 9 years and are extremely pleased with the Montessori curriculum. I see great depth, engagement and passion in my child's learning. There is longevity among the faculty, staff and administration. The community is warm and inviting and the campus is beautiful.
From the moment you walk into the doors at HMS you can sense the strong feeling of community, commitment and kindness. This is a school where children think of HMS as their "home away from home" and a school in which children want to spend their time. Each child is valued as a unique individual and learns at his or her own pace. Students who attend HMS are found to have better reading and math skills than their peers. This success stems from the superior teachers and the Montessori methods of teaching.
After 4 years at our local neighborhood school we knew our kid needed a change and did a LOT of research into other options. I am so glad we found HMS! This school has challenging academics, caring teachers, and a welcoming community. This is our second year there and our kids love it too. I only wish it was closer to home - but it's worth the drive.
HMS is a real gem! It's been a beautiful experience for us to have all 4 of our children attend the school. We have always felt that our children's academic success and overall well-being are of the utmost importance to the faculty, staff and administration. We rest easy knowing that they have been in such excellent hands. Furthermore, they are well-equipped both academically and socially for their high school years, and beyond!
HMS as exceeded all of my expectations. The teachers truly foster a love of learning, and help develop each student's natural instinct to explore and understand their world. When your child counts the days to school starting up again, you know you've found something special.
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I really enjoy watching my boys - ages 3 and 5 - learn new skills and learn "how to learn" while at Hudson Montessori School in Hudson, OH. These are some of the many things that I enjoy at HMS:
- Matt Virgil, the Head of School, knows every kid by name, greets them every time he sees them, and even seems to know every parent and sibling. He has great visions for the school, and I hope to see them carried out well.
- HMS has parent education sessions to explain Montessori topics and other topics. They also provide childcare during these sessions, which makes it easy to attend these without finding a babysitter.
- HMS' faculty is highly-educated and highly-down-to-earth. They bring a wealth of knowledge with a variety of backgrounds from science to the arts, and you can see their passion come out as they share it with the children.
- Their after-school clubs are diverse - from cooking to ballet to gymnastics to music to science, something for everyone!
I attended Hudson Montessori as a child. It provided me not only an excellent education, but it cultivated my love of learning and empowered my self-confidence to follow my passions. These traits contributed greatly to me being admitted to and succeeding at Harvard University. My daughter, now in the Children's House at Hudson Montessori, is thriving. She is not even 4 quite yet and already doing some basic reading! I cannot say enough about the warm, friendly environment that allows for growth and self exploration. Since I attended the school it has only become stronger. The number and depth of extracurriculars is truly impressive. My daughter is taking ballet through HMS and participates in a reading-cooking club after school.
Our kids love Hudson Montessori! They actually miss school during the summers and holidays. They love the independence (Teach me to do it myself) and responsibility that is encouraged here, as well as the group work and hands-on learning. HMS really encourages learning far beyond just the basics. Children can go deep into a topic of interest, and can move through reading, math, and other subjects at their own rate; they don't have to wait for classmates to catch up or suffer embarrassment if they need an extra week to grasp a concept. The school culture promotes acceptance, kindness, respect, personal responsibility, and a love of thinking. We love the hands-on, happy, free-moving, individualized style of the classroom environment. It seems to fit the "real world" much better than traditional schools' focus on bubble tests, lack of movement, obedience, and repetition. Hudson Montessori prepares them for the creative, critical-thinking, self-directed jobs of their future.
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