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Hudson K-8 Reviews

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Not a safe place for the kids.
Kids often fight at he school campus.
Elementary school teachers are neutral.
Nurse not always available.
Principal always walking seems lost.
Low rating.
no parent teacher conference meeting.
staffs are not helpful, "well aside from Ms Anette whos always the best"
This school is not safe for our children, almost everyday kids are fighting infront of parents and helpers, the administrators are sucks! they dont know what they are doing! especially the asst principal ASLAN! they used to be high rating and safe , that was before these two admin came aboard! now 👎👎👎 dont bring ur child here if love them
and if u want them be to learn, no more awardings , so how can the kids be motivated? no!
This is a great K-8 school to have your child attend. There is great staff, environment and children.
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The nurse was not available most of the time. The bathrooms were not tidy neither.
There are not many clubs or organizations available at this school. It was very minimum; they did not last very long.
This school is very small. It was easy for everyone to know each other. This can also be seen as negative because gossip got around quick.
Overall, the teachers were moderate. At times, my peers would come up to me and complain because they felt the lessons were taught too quickly and they were not understanding the content. Lots of the students had to teach each other in order to pass the class. After promoting from this school, I was not as prepared as I could be for high school. The work load for high school was much heavier and challenging than this school.
The school is pretty dope but some of the teachers don't know what they are doing.
most of the teachers help you to do better in school and are always willing to help a student with other issues
The nurse is very nice to everyone and kids are well taken care of and security is a big help and they do annual drills for fires or earthquakes.
for the most part kids are good to each other and help one another
The kids have P.E. there is not a lot of sports to offer but there is some and they dont have sports equipment
the food is decent cafeteria food, not to die for but it will keep you satisfied for the day. its a good variety of all the food groups.
The school kept the parents involved with their kids and I think that is very important.
There was something for everyone and I think that is what made them so popular.
This is where I found my love for education and thanks to this school I strive academically.
They were pretty average considering I went to a K-8th, but the school made it work.
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I was a very accident prone child so the nurse knew me by name and she always made me feel better. The safety at the school is very good as well.
The school reall encouraged me to do my best in school and is the reason I have learned to love school.
The sports teams were very motivated to win and even if they lost, they saw it as an opperunity to improve.
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