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Hudson High School of Learning Technologies Reviews

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This is a very good school. The teachers care about their students. They have AP courses for students who want to challenge their themselves. They also prepare you for college during your freshman year by taking students to college trips. Hudson high school of learning technologies have electives which students get to choose their desire class which can help your GPA.
Hudson’s the best high school you can get in to,have the best teachers in there,they will motive you though anything you need help with.what I like about Hudson is that we half days every Wednesday and we have kickboxing class and also lot of ap class to get you prepaid for collage .
What I like about Hudson High School of Learning Technologies is there are great teachers and they want to see you succeed. The teachers help in any way they can to make sure you understand what’s going on. Something that can change is the rules. I feel that the higher class people are too lenient with the rules. Sometimes the students get too out of control for the teachers and the work/lesson will not get done like it is supposed to.
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One of the most understanding schools in the East Coast. Friendly students that are open to all perspectives. Lots of programs and internships available for all career paths. Teachers are one of the most supportive people around you.
Hudson highschool of Learning technologies is a very welcoming school. Opening its doors at 7:45 students who need extra help with work or wish to know or help their teachers can before the first period starts. Hudson offers a wide variety of programs and contsantly push their studentsz to work and try their hardest.
it is a fun experience, you get to learn alot of new things and the school is generaly a good and fun experience
Based on my experience, I like the fact that the school has an elective class in which you get to choose a class of your choice and interest. I feel like that is important because students have the choice to have a class of their own choice that they like and enjoy. Changes I like to see is that the school should offer more AP classes for students.
I think for it being a school that was only two years old when I joined there is so much more that can be done within the school, it has the potential to become something great.
The teachers engage all students in the lessons they go above and beyond
Parents are barely involved with the school.
Not very challenging but very nice teachers.
The Nurse is very busy since it is a School Building Wide Clinic
My Favorite Extracirricular in Hudson is Hudson Guild, Hudson Guild is An Performing Arts Afterschool for young actors and Actresses. I have been in Two Hudson Plays and I loved it. The Commitment and time is very hard but Everything is worth it in the End .
My Favorite Experience in Hudson Has been Hudson Abroad and The Travel Club. Through the success of Ms.Hargrave and findings and Donations and many more, We were able to go to Paris and Barcelona for Half The Price While learning new languages and cultures, how to save , and real world planning like Trips and Go Fund Me Accounts. That has been my favorite and enforgetable experience in my School Years and I can't Thank Hudson for the opportunity I had.
The Teachers At Hudson HSLT Are very causal and understanding. Everyone is very knowledgable and understand technology so it's not like a young old fashioned school where few teachers do not know how to work laptops or anything. Many of the teachers are very understanding and you can always go to them when you have a problem or need advice or help in something. Hudson Staff is very Different and Out going and Optimistic.
The school safety staff are everywhere, ready for anything coming their way. The safety in my school is great, I can't speak for the rest of the schools located in the school campus. As far as I know, the nurse is always available to anyone.
The school offers a lot of clubs/organizations. The school has a robotics club, chess club, dance, theater, our house, the dream team/the future project, we the change, comic book club, national honors society, etc.
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In this school it is very easy to create long lasting friendships regardless of age, race, etc. I can say I get along with a lot of students from different grades. I've always spent more time in school then I should since tenth grade. I've become involved in more school activities since my past schools. The school is like a huge family, I mean it's a small school and you end up recognizing everyone's face by like the 3rd month after school starts.
The school system is fine, it takes some getting used to. It is a great school for me, as I respect others and get respect back. No bullies here! I do all my work, successfully and with good grades. Teachers are sociable and very friendly, as they would even assist you on your life problems. Going outside for lunch is great, getting together with friends in the fresh air!
If I could go back to 8th grade & redo my high school application list I definitely would.
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