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Very good school district, just needs a little more diversity. Overall experience academically was very good.
The school varies greatly as the authority, such as principals and varies other positions of authority change. Recently, the high school received a new superintendent and a new assistant principal. This change of power greatly changed the dynamic of the high school. It was much stricter with much less ability to express one's self.
Hudson High School has the best academics out of all the schools in the area. The test results are always good and I feel challenged in every class. I know most of the teachers and they are very friendly and helpful. Some of the rules are bogus but I like the new exam exemption rule. This is a great place for an education.
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You feel like family here. you know everybody around you. so don't worry about not fitting in. you will fit in very well. Great varsity of sports options given here. Staff is wonderful, so if you need help on anything you will have somebody to talk to and with. Love the school!!
I like the college readiness that the school has to offer, it is a very good school academic wise. The school administration is constantly thinking of ways to ensure that the students are successful and on the correct path to college.
I love that Hudson is a very diverse school. There are so many opportunities to a part of here. The teachers are good at their job and actually care about the students. I believe that Hudson is a place where a student can be themselves without worrying.
My high school experience has been truly amazing. My teachers and fellow students have taught me many things that will carry on with me into my adult life. My favorite part about high school would have to be that our teachers give us the freedom and opportunities to become whoever we want to become. My high school teachers are some of the most supporting human beings that I know. They will always have your back one hundred percent of the time. The only thing that would like to see change is the way our policies are. In today's world, technology plays a major role in our everyday lives. Our district has a strict no cell phone policy which has been in tact for many years. If students were allowed to have their phones, I personally believe that we would get our work done much faster. I believe that we could accomplish more with the use of our phones and I also believe that students would become more interested in their work.
Overall I have had a very good experience at Hudson. I have had multiple teachers who have gone above and beyond to make my learning environment enjoyable.
I like most of the students, teachers, and faculty. The school should start more sports teams and be more open with personal expression, including allowing boys to have their ear rings in and unnatural hair colors.
Hudson has a wonderful atmosphere! The students and teachers are honestly so kind. It's obvious the teachers love their jobs and students. I was a new student my freshman year and immediately felt so welcomed.
I had a meaningful experience at Hudson High School. I learned how to apply myself to my studies, because they will benefit me in the long run. Hudson High School has a great team of staff members and they are willing to go out of their way to make the students successful.
Hudson High School is a very spirited and quaint, little school. The academics are highly valued, as well as hard work and college preparedness. There is a lack of diversity and a particular favor towards athletes and other extra-curricular students, but there is still a fair balance within the school.
I loved my high school and the many opportunities it gave me. I've always been a troublesome child. So I brought chaos everywhere I went, yet I moved here my freshmen year and I'm graduating a completely different person then I was 4 years ago when I moved here. The teachers are great, they really go the extra mile to teach you to the best of their ability. I love my principals, because they are very considerate of the students and their feelings. I'm going from being troubled and angry to being a nurse, and I want to thank Hudson for that!
I like the atmosphere and the tight knit relationships I have formed at Hudson High school. I like that it's a small school, but we are considered the most prestigious in our district. Our classes are far more challenging than many of the surrounding schools. I feel that attending Hudson High School has definitely given me an upper hand going into college. One thing I would like to see change at Hudson is the stress of technology. The administration pushes the teachers to incorporate so many aspects of technology into their lessons that sometimes it's overbearing and distracts from the actual material.
Hudson is a great school. Our weakest spot are a couple of the coaches.
Hudson High School offers many different varieties of clubs and organizations to meet the needs and interests of all students that attend.
I personally have had a very pleasant experience while attending Hudson High School. From the outstanding principals and administrators, to the caring staff, and the nice students, my experience here will be one that I will never forget. I would absolutely go to Hudson High School again if I had to do it all over, because I have enjoyed going to a smaller school where all of the students and staff are very close to each other, rather than an extremely large school where you don't know over half of the schools population.
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The teachers at Hudson High School do their very best to engage and include every student regardless of their race, gender, learning disabilities, or different backgrounds. I feel like they adequately interest the students and try to incorporate technology and utilize different types of materials and ideas to effectively appeal to each students learning style in the best way that they can.
our school is okay at times. some people are annoying
The teachers and staff are nice. Although, some students struggle and have to deal with drama and bullying.
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