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I love the students, teachers, and connections in the school. The facility is very clean and well maintained. We have very little diversity, however, we are starting to become more diverse racially. One thing I want to see more of is Diversity of thought, Teachers, students, and staff are all very left side. Which I think isn't good, we should dtrive to have an equal mix.
I am always extremely grateful that I attended Hudson High School.Hudson is a step above the rest in almost every aspect. Education is the reason my parents moved here, as it gives a very rigorous yet supportive experience. Hudson is ranked one of the highest public schools in the region, state, and nation. It has a high graduation rate, average ACT, PSAT, SAT, GPA, and always has many National Merit Scholars every year (including myself). The student body is one that is proud of their home and school. Hudson also accelerates at sports, with many regional and state titles in all athletic departments. The teachers go above and beyond to give their students the best possible experience and gain personal relationships with them. Hudson is a predominantly white community, but one will rarely ever feel excluded or prejudiced. Facilities are well kept and are high quality both inside and out. Hudson City Schools are catered to give students an amazing foundation for the rest of their life.
I moved to Hudson, Ohio my senior year of high school. The kids that had attended the school were very rude and never took any time to get to know me. I sat at lunch alone every day and made very little friends. The community itself was very closed and they even say themselves that they live in a bubble. The guidance counselors weren’t very helpful and I was always very lost while attending.
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It is predominately White with a small percentage of Asians and a vast minority of African American and Hispanic ethnicities. There are many wonderful teachers here at Hudson. Of course there are those that are just average and even downright terrible. AP classes are normal here and students are expected to enroll in them and perform well on the AP tests. I have never been to a sports match here but I hear our football team isn't half bad. Speaking of football, our school spirit is quite lacking, at least during the school day. Student government here is a complete joke. They don't actually do anything except help with the red cross blood collection and decorate dances. Resources are good and sometimes used incorrectly. Does each and every student need a chromebook? no. Did we get them anyway? yes. Facilities are kept clean with our sweet and wonderful janitorial staff and the food is just your average school food. The lunch ladies are sweethearts though and do their best each day.
Hudson has been everything I've needed in the past three years. Almost every teacher I´ve had has brought something different to each class with an amazing positive attitude and kind heart. The class dynamic is something I´ve never seen before, where everyone is able to get along, help each other, and have fun everyday. Most importantly, the academics are challenging but in a way that makes us strive to do better and have a constant curiosity for everything around us.
While there are a handful of good teachers here bullying is allowed to thrive in the elementary school through the high school. After my daughter came home with bloody knees, ripped jeans and leaves in her hair I made an appointment with the principal because her teacher refused to do anything about it. The principal, who ironically has a Ph.D. in psychology, told me my daughter just has to learn how to handle these situations. No kid should have to fear of physical harm at school. It is pathetic the way the principal and staff do not get involved. It isn't only my child who suffered. Hudson school's have also been sued for bullying, after a child received routine physical abuse, ending in a broken arm.
The teachers at the school are very knowledgeable in what they do and most take very good care of their students, being more empathetic and respectful of them
I’ve really enjoyed my time at Hudson High School. Whether it be the amazing teachers, extensive list of clubs, or the renowned music programs, HHS likely has something for every student, and chances are that it strives for excellence.
I had some of the best teachers in high school, a few of whom I’m still in contact with. Everyone wants to help you succeed. The one thing I’d change is the morning announcements - I wish they’d send out an email to everyone or something to make sure everyone’s informed since some teachers don’t show the announcements in the morning
Hudson is a great school for academics, sports, and college preparation. The administrators are very good and parents are very supportive.
Absolutely amazing school. Fantastic teachers in every subject and phenomenal programs in every area. I'm so lucky to have been able to attend Hudson.
Honestly, I hate it here. Where do I begin. Not all, but most of the children here are cocky and stuck - up. Children who don't fit into the hudson stereotype typically don't fit in here. On top of that, if you are a transfer student, you are going to have to work your VERY HARDEST to catch up. Even after that, I'm still not succeeding. A little bit of a challenge is ok, but too much rigor and hw is a lot of stress for a child like geez. Do I have a life? I guess not. Some teachers don't care. Not to mention the drug problems here. Prescription pain killers, herion, coke, etc. Your better off at a Walsh or Laurel type school to be quite honest w/ you. Can't wait to transfer next year!!!+
Hudson High School provided a strong foundation for further academic achievement, with its incredible number of resources and selection of AP classes. Additionally, the extra-curricular activities offered were phenomenal and varied. However, this environment naturally brought about a competitive nature, as well as a focus on STEM and little to no prioritization of the humanities. Additionally, few of the students were aware of their religious, racial, and economic privilege. The school did little to fix these problems, but ultimately achieved its most important goal: a strong curricular education that prepared me well for a college course-load.
Hudson has very good academic facilities with teachers who are very committed to making sure all the students can be successful. However, Hudson has an unhealthy obsession with grades and academic achievement to the point that school consumes the student's lives. Hudson also does not prepare students for what they real world is like because it is a very isolated community but overall it has been an enjoyable school to attend.
Most teachers are nice. The number of extracurriculars offered is nice. School spirit could use some work, and the student government is a puppet show put on by the advisors.
High achieving school overall, but puts too much emphasis on teacher-side improvement. Students end up putting the responsibility of their education on the teacher, and do not strive to excell in the classroom.
Hudson high school is a very safe school that goes above and beyond with education. Hudson has always seemed to be a bit ahead of other schools from an education standpoint. Almost every Hudson high school student has enrolled in at least one AP course.
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Hudson is a great school in academics, and is pretty good in preparing student for college. However, the teachers and administrators sometime place to much stress on the students.
Overall, I am appreciative of my experience having gone through Hudson High School. Although I did not necessarily enjoy the culture or the clique-ish nature of the students, I do appreciate the school system for being one of higher quality - offering and employing the use of different forms of educational services of the highest quality.
I have been going here for all my years of high school and can say that the staff here are very helpful with whatever you need, especially when it comes to getting ready for college. I really appreciate the teachers here as they helped me decide what I want to study in college and carry onto my job.
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