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Hudson High School is located in a small, friendly community. The staff cares about each individual students success and ensures students are well prepared for their next step after high school.
I like that Hudson High School is a place that makes me feel comfortable. I am able to be myself, which makes for an excellent learning environment. If I were to change something about Hudson, I would change the involvement of the community, because I often feel other school districts have a more involved and supportive community. To go along with that, I also think more school spirit would be highly effective. Overall, Hudson is an excellent school that I have enjoyed going to from kindergarten until graduation. I would highly recommend this to any family.
Hudson High School is currently one of the highest ranking high schools in Iowa. I have gone to Hudson my whole life and I really enjoyed my experience here. Not only did I get a great education, but I was able to make a lot of friends. Hudson is a small school so it is easy to get to know everyone around you. The teachers are very involved with the students, so help is always available if needed.
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I love Hudson High School! I think a small-town school is always a good choice. I love the fact that I know everyone personally as I walk down the halls. It really makes school seem like your second family. You can tell the teachers and faculty really care about you and your wellbeing. They make a point to push us to be our best in every way possible.
I enjoy my school because of its size. We have a couple of hundred students in the high school and it allows everyone to know everyone. I also enjoy how easy it is to connect and work with our teachers. One thing I do not like is that our school food is not very good.
There were no club that I was particularly interested in joining, so I started my own. This school is adequate in that if they do not have it, you can create it.
There are two reasons I'm glad I went to this school for high school: the class size allows me to stand out academically and I met my two friends here. Putting these benefits aside, I should have transferred to Cedar Falls for the variety of course options, more diversity, and less cliquishness.
Teachers do a good job with the average students, but they do not push the ones who excel often making class a bore.
Hudson High School does not have many issues with things that involve health and safety. With this fact, Hudson High School does not need that many security checks. This is because all around, us students are very good compared to other school's students.
Show Choir, Jazz Band, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Track, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Art Club, Robotics, Lego League, Choir, Band, Photography, Journalism, and Film Making.
Hudson High School is definitely on the top of it's game, especially for how much it cares for it's students. Almost all the students are engaged in learning and are not very judgmental. Another high point of Hudson High School is it's staff from principal to janitor, almost all of the staff is very easy to talk to and help their students along the way through high school. I feel as if everything within Hudson High School's requirements for teaching really will help as I move on in life as well. Hudson High School all around is a very pleasant atmosphere and I would of course be willing to come back and do it all again.
The teachers within Hudson High School are definitely devoted to their students and help them along their learning journey through high school. The teachers are also very willing to learn what students have to say and give their professional opinion on the topic that is given. Hudson High School does a very good job at insuring they hire the right staff to really engage with their students.
The atmosphere of this school is very welcoming and MOST people are encouraging. When I started to become involved in activities, I began to love school. My favorite experience was all of the activities I was involved in. I managed numerous sports, participated in show choir, choir, band, show band, jazz band, and cheerleading. I personally loved my high school experience.
there isn't really any ethnic difference
There are a variety of sports, but not many clubs.
Some of the office staff has a bad attitude sometimes.
Most of their teaching styles do not really teach us anything.
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Everything is alright, except coaches show favoritism.
I know there is a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes with the administration, but I feel like what is brought to light, makes me think not the best of them.
We have a lot of clubs and organizations offered at our school. We have some that fit everyone's likings. A lot of students participate also.
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