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Hudson high school is a great school. However, I wish the school connected more with students doing dual enrollment.
The teachers who teach the advanced placement classes are amazing. The overall experience of high school wasn’t the greatest. The lunch room is way too small to house as many students as enrolled at Hudson and the area round it isn’t safe. I would like to see favoritism among the administrators change and enforce the rules and regulations better to make it a safer and helpful learning experience.
I would like to see a staff that is available to assist the student body in walking them through processes like applying to take a test at a college or, working to the way a student processes information/learns.
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Every one there is all about the students succeeding. I would like to see more diversity as years come at Hudson high school.
My experience at Hudson High School was great for the most part. The teachers are amazing and they pushed me to excel in every topic. The guidance counselors, college readiness team, and administrators are always positive and helping me become my better self.
Overall it is an average school. If you are a student who can push themselves with little guidance from the school then you will be fine. Hudson High lacks academic support for students, but is slowly improving. In my experience finding information on colleges, scholarships and deadlines was difficult but not impossible to obtain. I highly recommend honors, AP and dual enrollment classs because they prepare you more for college, and students and teachers take it more seriously.
The teachers are amazing, I just feel it is unorganized and focuses on sports more than academics. A lot of fights and drama
The education that I received was good enough for the tests I had to take, but trying to track down counselors and administrators for college information was too difficult. You could search all day for an entire week and not find the person you need.
I very much enjoyed the teachers I was given. Each one brought an interesting quality to my learning experience that I thoroughly benefited from. The teachers that I had to deal but did not have, however, were erroneous and were seemingly solely there for the paycheck or to satisfy some sort of superiority complex.
I enjoyed all of the teachers i was assigned, but i disliked many of the clueless staff and some of the teachers that i was not directly assigned but had to deal with. The atmosphere was casual but not the cleanest and the people did seem like they cared a lot about the success of their students.
Hudson high school is very friendly and a fun school to go too, but the educational opportunities are rather poor as well as the disciplinary structure. I would like to see the teachers push the students more and require them to get better.
My experience at Hudson was not impactful. During my senior year I had transferred to Hudson High where I was told several times I had all my credits needed to graduate. After the 3rd marking quarter was over entering the last marking period of the school year my guidance counselor told me I was down credits so I had to take two online classes and get them done in time for graduation.
The teachers and administration work hard and care about the students, trying to push them to do their best everyday. If they could focus more on sending the seniors to college and helping them apply it would make it much better.
Hudson was a very fun and inviting environment to each and every individual. Hudson’s teachers were and still are very involved in the academics of each student and will do whatever needs to be done for the learning to improve.
Some of the teachers are great, others tend to not put in as much time into you. They will demand a lot of you, and spend less time actually teaching the class, and more time assigning homework. It is a school known for more lazy yet rowdy students, so that could be why it sometimes has a bad reputation.
I gave Hudson high four stars because they have great teachers that try extremely hard to see you succeed and do great things when you graduate. When I passed the FSA reading my teacher cried because she was so happy that I passed. Now I’m graduating a half a semester early and taking college classes so I can get my A.A. , I couldn’t do this if I didn’t have the support from my teachers that prepared me for college. Also the sports teams and being part of so many clubs got me through high school having a variety of friends. Hudson is truely a family!
great teachers. they really do care. The administration definitely needs to change. They could care less about the students. They only care about their reputation.
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Teachers are helpful, library is often not open, school is focused mostly on tests and scores instead of teaching, but if you ask for more help most teachers will provide.
the teachers seem not to care about their students. I would stray away from this school. The srp are extremely rude. if you would like a good education this is not the place.
Hudson High School has one of the most energetic teachers I've ever seen. No teacher wants to see you fail and even the administration isn't grouchy. The whole school acts as one big family and each sport team is focused on "Family first". Overall, excellent high school that you can enjoy learning.
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