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Hudson Catholic Regional High School Reviews

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Choosing to go to Hudson Catholic for my four years of high school was an amazing choice. The best four years were here. Hudson made my high school experience the best with so much to be involved with and all the events showing school spirit only thing I would change is the food , preferably To go out for lunch or a better food company to serve lunch.
Loved it. My last school closed down and I transferred to this school. Didn’t have alot of friends at my previous school but at this school I met great people and it was fun. Wish I would have made this school my first choice.
The school is excellent overall. The students in the school overall are good. The teachers care for their students.
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It is a great school the teachers really do care about the students and they only want the success of the student. the school is poor when it comes to notifying about events for fundraising.
So far, my experience with Hudson Catholic has been good. I think it is a perfectly fine school to send incoming High School students. Although there could be more clubs, and the food could be better, it has been a good school to attend in my past three years.
Hudson Catholic Regional High School is by far the best high school. It provides college readiness and has a great diversity of kids. I would not change anything about Hudson Catholic.
Crappy school! Teachers would mock and talk about students like one of little high school girls that attended. People in admin will favor some students over others. Not to mention that the school is run down, It is In a terrible area, students are not well behaved, fights In the hallways, it’s not a classy establishment, and I learned nothing from there. My guidance counselor, senior year told me that I had no real shot of getting into a good school and that I should start looking to apply to community college.I did my whole college application processes on my own with no help from anyone @ Hudson & I got into a great school I will be graduating this coming spring with a 3.4 GPA. Overall, this is a very poor school and if you are thinking about sending your kid(s) here think twice or even a handful of times maybe. This school is a joke and will never progress.
Compared to other high schools in the city, Hudson Catholic is much smaller. I see this as an advantage because teachers are able to connect and interact with their students more and be able to attend to their needs.
My daughter had a good experience while at Hudson Catholic. She met nice people and enjoyed going to the ball.
The 1 thing I would like to see changed is they way they handle paying the tution. I know it can be difficult collecting the tution but we paid my daughters school bill and you guys made the mistake of with holding her diploma the day she graduated. She was not only disappointed but also embarrassed.
My daughter was starting down the wrong road, following the wrong crowd but since starting hcrhs the change in her is so obvious. She speaks better, carries herself with more respect, more confidence and she is full of respect for herself and everyone else.
Growing up I used to think that highschool would be the worst 4 years of my life. But little did I know, that was all a lie. Hudson Catholic has given me the best experience. The principle, coaches, and teachers are truly geniune and want the best for you. The school is incredibily diverse and the students are always welcoming. This is also a very support schools towards sports and clubs. The only flaw is how unactive the guidance counselors are. But besides that, there are no complaints about Hudson Catholic and I love this school so much.
Attending Hudson Catholic Regional High School since freshman year and now becoming a senior, I have received a tantalizing and excellent experience. The school's faculty and staff administration is very hard working and values the students' achievements and motivates them to keep excelling. In addition, the rigorous curriculum sets a valid academic standard to which the students have adapted to. The course teachers challenge the students to study and apply the learned material to daily life. Not only is this an exceptional school based on excellent academics and it's teachers, but also because of the variety of sports and extra curricular activities it offers to students to keep the, busy and have fun. This is the perfect college preparatory school an ambitious student can attend.
The students and teachers are admiring and they are willing to help you in any way in need. The students are polite and they interact with one another. The teachers are there after school for any questions or help that you need. Even though I have been in this school for one year, it is amazing that I get to be a part of this loving community.
My experience at Hudson Catholic has been a great one. I have achieved excellent grades and managed to make very good friends. My education is important and at Hudson Catholic I feel like the education they provided me with will prepared me for college and help me reach my future goals.
The school overall is a very diverse atmosphere. The teachers help out a lot when the students ask for help. It’s a very unique school because of the diversity and excellent educating that can not be found anywhere else. You feel comfortable and at a second home when you’re in the hallways and in extra curricular activities. The four years of high school will go by very fast. Make the most of it and cherish the memories you make with you’re friends because they can last a lifetime.
The teachers at this school are great and I appreciate that they higher so many alum. However, they are grossly under funded which, while not being they're fault still affects the experience. There are not enough books for students and life preparing classes such as drivers ed and health are not offered. The students are overall good hearted and well disciplined given the area the school exists in which is a plus for any parent considered about their child's safety. Much more of an emphasis on athletics rather than clubs and activities.
My time at Hudson Catholic was amazing. Four amazing years there full of great friendships and caring teachers. I think the overall structure of classes can be improved upon, but I have done well despite that. It has changed since I graduated in 2013. Between the small classes and great teachers, HC is a great place for kids.
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Although I am just a Freshman, I can tell you that for the most part Hudson Catholic Regional High School is a unique enviornment. It is run by people who genuinely care about the learning and well being of their students. Although I have had some problems with some of the students that attend it is normal to have conficts with other students at times. I have come to know and love the enviornment at Hudson Catholic including all the very competative sports rivalries. If there is ever a problem at Hudson Catholic, our Dean of Students is always on it and willing to help. I do not regret going to Hudson Catholic at all. I have meet so many wonderful people and I would not have it any other way. Our teachers may be hard on us and give us some difficult assignments but they always have our best interest at heart. Hudson Catholic is my second home and I love it there.
What I like most about my school, is how diverse it is. Getting to interact with kids from all around New Jersey and New York is a privelage not many get to receive. I feel as though this allows me to practice my team work and communication skills that I will need throughout my life.
I entered Hudson Catholic my junior year with high hopes for a better high school experience. However, all I got was an uptight dean and barely good teachers. I like the students at Hudson Catholic and how small the school was. I think the teaching staff needs to change.
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