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Hudson Area High School Reviews

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I like the feeling of the small school community associated with Hudson. Everybody knows everybody and support each other.
The teachers that work at Hudson Area High School are very welcoming and encourage their students as if they were their own. This school creates a sense of community that makes you free to be yourself. It is a small school which makes it easier to connect with others.
I went there for a couple of years I did track an bowling for them I did good in the school tbh I was amazed I made it out of there
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Again only the favorites get the help and assistance
Everyone has favorites including teachers and the only way to get any where there is to be a favorite
The students at the school think its ok to leave open food every where
We only have boys and girls club and sports that nobody wants toale a team effort at.
The only parents that care the the teachers that have kids.
It really just depends on the teacher some expect you to know every thing and some go way to far and some get side tracked alot
We have really excellent trainers for when people get hurt, and the cameras/locked-doors system are enough to make me feel quite safe--especially in a small town with little to no violence.
The sports and clubs are great here, honestly. I am hesitant to give them more than 3 stars because of one particular varsity volleyball coach that I had a bad experience with. Other than her, the rest are great!
I've thoroughly enjoyed my experience here at Hudson. There have been a few downsides--specific teachers and coaches and not enough non-core class choices--but that's to be expected when coming from a small town school. The All-School Play is an amazing experience, and Debate is a major real-life helper. The teachers here get to know each individual, and they genuinely care about the students that try. Also, the students here are mostly accepting of anyone in my opinion.
Most teachers give very interesting and engaging lessons but not every one, so I cannot give a perfect rating because of those few.
All sporting events were a great atmosphere
Very willing to listen to students. Whether it be a casual conversation or a assignment question.
Very athletic, fun if you get involved, teachers are willing to help, small school so you will get to know just about everyone.
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