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Hubble Middle School Reviews

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It's a cool school! I like the show choir and the theatre program. The gifted program is very good(shoutout to Mr. Quetua!!). Most of the teachers are pretty passionate about what they teach. Math makes me want to cry, but that means it's being taught well. The variety of extracurriculars is spectacular, and the array of electives for 8th graders makes me want to get up in the morning. The lunch doesn't have many options, but I've heard the churros are good.
I am a student at HMS and I thing if it's an all around good school, for every less than exceptional teacher there, there will be one that absolutely excels at their job. Though some more involvement of parents and/or student's would be appreciated, it's a pretty good school.
I really enjoyed most of Hubble Middle School. The problems I had were normal problems, they really had nothing to do with the school itself.
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I have had mostly good experiences. A few teachers I haven't liked too much, not as people, but as educators.
For the most part, they are alright. I don't personally know much about anyone bullying in Hubble, just picking on others a little bit. The school nurse happens to have some tight conditions for leaving school sick...
I participated in clubs, sports teams, and fine arts groups while at Hubble. Over all, including feedback from my friends, I think they were good quality. I enjoyed myself.
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