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I love Hubbertville School! Excellent learning environment within a close-knit family. Clean facilities, great faculty/staff, and wonderful students! I would like to see more extracurriculars be added, but they are working on this!
I wouldn't change anything. I love my kids going to hub. It is a small school and all the kids are known personally by name.
A decent variety of extracurriculars are offered, but students don't have the opportunity to start their own organization if they can't find one already in existence that interests them.
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Uniforms are not required, but the dress code is pretty strict. A student cannot have an unnatural looking hair color which I though was an interesting policy.
Even though they have switched to serving baked versus fried foods, the nutritional value doesn't seem to be that high in value. If you need dietary exceptions, you must notify the lunchroom staff ahead of time with documentation from a physician.
The attitude from administration towards post high school graduation is for the student to decide and basically go about the process him/herself. Efforts to inform and prepare for students to go to the community college 20 minutes up the road seemed to take prevalence over any universities unless a student was in a specific program geared towards exploring bigger options.
Our equipment is very outdated and worn out, but our coaching staff keeps our fields in great condition for us.
Options for elective courses are few. Students do have access to Advanced Placement courses and these prove to be very challenging.
Overall the teachers genuinely care for the students and want to help them succeed in all different aspects of life, not just academically. For such a small school, opportunities such as advanced placement courses and extracurricular activities are copious.
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