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Hubbard high school is a terrible school. They have no respect for the ADA and no respect for the students who have mental and physical disabilities. They denied a student to have her service dog and they only care about the students whose parents have money. The school only cares about money and sports and not at all on education. Their education system was do bad that when I went into college I was rated as a high school freshman in readiness and i was in the top 10 of my class
It is a small school so if you need help the teachers are able to give you their time and attention.
Hubbard High School is a wonderful school to attend. I have went to this school my entire life. The teachers are the most caring and helpful ones in all of Texas. The administration is always looking to improve our education experience.
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I love how the community, as a whole, is so close! The teachers truly care about the students at Hubbard High. Everyone at Hubbard makes you feel comfortable and safe. It is a very small school and it makes it easier to be close to everyone. The only thing I would change is some of the rules, but that is truly no big deal.
Hubbard High School is a small 2-A school. If you'd like a class average of 25 students, it's the place for you. Hubbard High is very diverse.
It's ok sometimes, but overall if your not in sports you don't matter.
Like I said not the best but not the worst.
Always focused on the health and safety in our school.
We have so many extracurricular activities.
Academics are not the best but not the worst.
This school honestly has a great facility.
There is not much to complain about my school. The faculty is awesome as well the resources,
Our school is based around sports. It's most of the students first priority, sports come first.
I think the teachers are great. I mean I learn something new everyday so that's definite plus!
Small town schools are not the best choice for me. I would rather be at a 3a than a 1a. Just because in a small town or small school nothing is a secret and everyone know something about someone.
The food is not something I would eat everyday. I would rather bring my own lunch form home. Some foods are good and others are not.
The majority of Hubbard students are in some type of athletic group. While there is an average amount of school spirit, Hubbard is known for being very competitive, especially in football. Hubbard's new gym is also rather impressive, which gives us a great place for pep rallies, events, or even just inside sports. Hubbard also has many devoted fans who show up to every game they have.
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Like most schools, Hubbard tries to please both its students and parents. The teachers do show a deep concern for their students, as you tend to get to know everyone in a small school. They were the type of teachers you could come to if you had a problem with something such as bullying. In fact, there was even a time I had to talk to a teacher for a friend to get someone to leave them be. It was the right thing to do, as the bullying promptly stopped.
It's fairly easy to get into just about any class you need- they rarely run out of room (which is a major plus to going to a small school). While Hubbard didn't offer advanced classes, they did allow students to have their own educational path. While some students chose to focus on finishing their core classes, others chose to graduate distinguished. Students who were ahead in their work could also take college classes through a nearby community college for extra credit in Hubbard.
Unfortunately, Hubbard is never very consistent with their clubs. They try to introduce new groups every few years, but rarely get enough participating students to join. It seems you're either a member of a sport group, One Act Play, or FCCLA. I participated in the last two, and found their leaders to be very supportive and fun. However, Hubbard would have been more enjoyable if they had a better variety of groups, so then everyone who wanted to could feel they were a part of something.
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