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I like how there are many different sports and clubs that you can join. I don’t like that the food is bad.
By far the best teacher in the school is, Mrs. M.piz she honestly truly cares about her students. She takes the time and separates to see where students in her class stand. She makes class enjoyable for all. She try’s to show us what college lectures are like. By far deserves all 5 stars.
Hubbard High School is an excellent school to be sent to get a great education. Hubbard makes sure that you are as ready as you can be for college. Going to this school, I have learned many great things. while at school, you are not shown any different than any other student. One thing I would change are the school lunches. They are not the best and I think there should be more choices to pick from than just one. But my overall experience has been great.
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Hubbard schools are very much into sports. It’s almost too much. They teachers are very nice. English department did not prepare me for college at all. Overall it was a good school system.
Hubbard High School provides students with a lot of high quality teachers. It also allows for college classes to be taken in high school to get a jump start. The staff is kind and helpful. There are multiple electives to take in order to give some autonomy over what classes one wishes to take. There are plenty of extracurricular activities including clubs and sports. Many of the athletic teams are very good. The teachers who are in charge of clubs try to get students more involved in the school which is nice.
Hubbard overall is a good school. Smaller town, nice people and fine teachers. We rank pretty high academically. There is one downfall, they focus to much on Football! And leave the other sports by the waist side. With schools today having to turn to open enrollment to pay their bills , well that’s when problems start to happen.
This is the best school I say. This school has turned me from a kid that gets D's to an A and B student. They have helped me so much. Pretty much all the teachers are amazing. Especially the us history teacher, Mr. Perline. Another teacher is my woodshop teacher. He is my second favorite teacher. He makes me feel welcome there everyday. He makes everyone feel like that. Now my fav. Teacher of all time is my band Teacher, Mr. Nestich. He is the best. I love band. I love everything about it. Especially marching band. I don't regret it one bit. I've made so many good friends.
There are many clubs and teams that all students are welcome to join and actively participate in.
Overall, this is a very adequate high school and there isn't much to really complain about with the exception of a ridiculously strict dress code.
While not every teacher at the high school cares about their position, there are more than a handful that put a lot of effort into helping students to succeed.
Hubbard is all about cliques. Once you're in good luck getting out or finding a new one. Students are not very accepting of anyone with a different sexual orientation.
The classes offered at Hubbard are great, just like with extracurriculars there is something for everyone.
Bullying is a huge problem at Hubbard in my opinion, I witness bullying constantly and it is almost never dealt with which is why we have a lot of fights, usually 5-7 a year. We have drills all the time for many different things, security cameras everywhere, there are usually police officers walking the school, our health program is awful but I guess most schools have that problem, there isn't really any education on drug usage or sex other than the usual "Just don't do it", but overall, it's usually a very safe school.
Our extracurriculars are definatly something to be proud of. We have something for just about everybody to participate in, whether it be sports, football being the most popular choice, or clubs like marching band or ecology, our two most popular. Many teachers and administrators favor sports over anything else so if you're in a club and rarely get things approved from the school, don't feel bad because it happens to just about everyone but the football team.
My overall experience at Hubbard so far hasn't been too great. A lot of irrelevant drama, idiotic fights, constant dress code infractions because of my body shape, It hasn't been completely negative though. There are a lot of great things about this school like the teachers, coaches, band directors (shout out to nesti), and many other people who have positively impacted my life.
Many of the teachers at Hubbard do care about the students and how well they do in their class and in life. There are a few who couldn't care less about their students, or their performance in the classroom because the way they see it is, "If you're not doing well, it's probably your fault" which is true for some students who don't pay attention and don't care but there are so many students who struggle to understand everything that is being taught to them. A lot of the teachers can't help them because they don't understand what they're teaching (new standards) so they can't do anything to help.
This school is very safe, nothing really gets past those cameras and there aren't too many fights. This year there was only two or three. But, overall, the safety in this school is great.
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If you are athletic, this school is for you. If you are intelligent, this school is okay. If you like to play music in the band, go somewhere else. If you like Robotics, you'd be better somewhere else. Hubbard is for football players and cheerleaders, their egos take up too much room in this school for anything else.
I am biased because I don't like Hubbard. I hate most of the people because they're just idiots. They don't care unless you play football. Band and robotics don't matter.
Most teachers are excellent teachers and I like most of them but you always find at least one bad teacher in every grade.
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