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Although Hubbard High school might not have the best reputation, as a current student I really appreciate the changes and new additions being made at school during my time there. Not many people who hear Hubbard would think it’s a school they would want to put their kid in. But what they don’t know is that Hubbard can be that school for their kids especially if they decide to be enrolled in the IB program or in the Honors (University Scholars) program, in which I both have experience in. It can be that school because it’s not about the school but about what the student does in that school or what they achieve. Not every school is perfect, or the best, or the worst. It’s all about the people who make that school. If you really want to go to college you will you just have to work for it and that’s something Hubbard is currently teaching me.
my experience was very good everyone is very nice and helpful too! if I needed help there were always teachers ready for help. there are many clubs and activities that everyone can join and if there was a club that you wanted to make then you can do it and become a club president.
At Hubbard Highschool you get to build these relationships with teachers and you build this confidence that everything will be okay. Being apart of the IB program is also a huge bonus, it provides students the opportunity to challenge themselves and become better. Teachers and staff are always around to help and are very supportive and trustworthy. Hubbard is just, overall, a great place to grow and mature for college.
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Hubbard High school was an average neighborhood high school you'd find. I like most of the teachers because they're nice and understand . Students seem on track and others just play around. The administration seems to always have a handle on things. I honestly think it could improve with the students.
Supportive school that helped students who care about their education and made everyone feel at home because they offered great support and help to those who need it
Hubbard high school has many wonderful teachers who are willing to help you whenever you need it. But there are also people in this school who don't do anything to help you.
I move to Hubbard High School for my sophomore year, and that year was the change of my entire life. I moved to Hubbard because it was closer to my house and I wanted to try something new instead of a charter school.My life change for the best. I started getting better grades. I started feeling more confident about myself and my future career change to medical field instead of being a lawyer. I honestly haven’t felt so proud of myself. I started getting better grades and I got myself into the A/B honor roll. This year, my junior year, I kept things going till I got on A honor roll. I started getting involved with every club I found interesting. I also started going to field trips with Gear Up to see different colleges and really start to think about my future.The Teachers were the best and the education was great.
My experience here has been really great for all four years. Being here and meeting new people was an amazing time and it will be a place I would miss after graduation for all my friends.
Before going off to college, our personal coordinator started rushing everything along with a few teachers. A few teachers I felt gave up on me and didn’t try hard enough to continue putting in effort in my work. Although, a few other teachers worked their hardest for us to succeed and I appreciate those teachers. I believe those teachers deserve the biggest raise they can possibly get.
The school is not really diverse, it's kind of uncomfortable being around others who don't respect your culture. Hubbard High School is 85% Hispanic, and most of them say the "n" word without teachers even correcting them. Though I do enjoy their dance teams, some teachers are really dedicated to helping the students.
I really liked the teachers I had. Specific ones actually really helped me out and cared about my future.
At Hubbard High School, I experienced many great memories. I am an alum who learned a lot from this school. In terms of academics, teachers are well trained and have experience. Being part of their IB program, I can say that it is challenging and prepares the student for College/University. The AVID program also prepares students for the same purpose.
Teachers and staff are friendly and supportive. The teachers are knowledgeable about the subject they teach. Activities at school are plentiful. There are many after school activities students can take part in, some of them include dance clubs, sports, cheerleading, cooking class, among others. Overall, Hubbard High School is a great place to learn and find your path in life.
My experience at Hubbard high school was overall pleasant. I had no serious negative interactions with any staff or students. The classes for the most part were challenging and most of the staff was understanding and actually thought. Only negative side to this school is the lack of diversity and the lack of good food.
Hubbard High school was actually not a bad experience after all. Its a lot better than I even expected since I were starting off at a new school. My experience here was great. I’m glad I got to go here and meet all the helpful, generous, kind hearted and talented staff there. They are really awesome they helped me a lot getting a new fresh start. I thank them very much. The improvements I believe should be made with this school is the actual school it’s old. It should be remodeled or taken down because not only didn’t student get to go to homecoming, they limit how many student can attend can go to events that happens in the gym. It’s so small. High schools are suppose to be huge. But overall great school. AND ONE MORE IMPROVEMENT SAFETY!!! There were too many times “students” walked in school with no issue.
While attending Hubbard High School I loved how college driven they were. Right from my freshman year all the way to my senior year they prepared us for college in every sense of the way. Hubbard teachers and counselors were helping with applications, recommendations, essays, and scholarships. We went on so many school trips to so many different colleges to explore all of our options and teachers would explain everything in great depth and length to make sure we understood everything.
Hubbard high school is a good school to get you college ready because most of the teachers can teach you and hep you learn
This school is amazing in the sense that it is inclusive for everyone. Everyone can find their own group of people in clubs or sports that they choose to take part in.
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The building was unfortunately not in the best condition but the people inside were very bright and knew how to get you in a good mood. Despite the school being very overcrowded and not being in the safest neighborhood as you go from freshmen year to senior year you find yourself and grow closer to the school and feel some type of pride of being a part of this school.
I build a strong relationship with many of my former teachers and the program I was enrolled in, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), was the best college readiness program I have ever been enrolled in. The class felt like a family! I was also in the school band and enjoyed rehearsing with my other band mates as well as cracking jokes with my band directors! Overall, the students at Hubbard were all full of school spirit as well as the staff!
What I liked most about Hubbard were the resources that were available to the students. The most important ones were the resources available for us to apply to college. They proved to help us efficiently as many of my classmates are ready for college. Another thing that was great about Hubbard were the teachers and how they made time to help us before and after school. Our teachers made sure that we were getting the assistance that we needed in order to understand a certain topic. However, there is something that I would like to change, which is the amount of class time the students spend in class. They should be given the opportunity to have a work study period in order to work on assignments.
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