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Hubbard High School has great academics especially the IB program they offer as well as the Honors program. The school does not have enough funding but the students are highly involved in making Hubbard the high school experience with plenty of school dances and performances. Overall Hubbard High School is one of a kind and it is the place to start a wild adventure.
Hubbard has brought new opportunities to students not mattering their race, ethnicity,religion, or any sort of differences .
what i like about hubbard high school is that all the teachers are really compassionate and helpful with their students and they are always trying to push them forward, they motivated us and make us feel like we are at home. they are always trying to put the students in the right way so they would accomplish their goals. Another thing is that high school is a really good experience that you will always remember in your life. High School is like a growing experience for me to learn more about life.
The changes that i would like to see are the school food.
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Hubbard is an average school with many great clubs to offer to us students. My experience with Hubbard was alright the only trouble was the bad food and lack of bathrooms but the positive things about Hubbard was it’s diverse personalities that it carries.
I would like to see some changes in the faculty. There was a drastic difference between the student with some faculty members. The athletic counselor was always very rude to the student and did not help them if they were not African American like her. There was a drastic difference in the funding of sports.
Hubbard is a regular school just like all the others but Hubbard also becomes your family. The faculty/staff care for the students safety and happiness and will make sure they can do all they can to assure their students are doing well. Some have negative views on Hubbard because of some events that happen, but at the end of the day, everyone sticks together through thick and thin no matter what.
During my years at Hubbard High School I was involved in the IB Program that the school offers. I think that the Ib program did a really good job at preparing me for college. At first, I thought all the work our teachers made us do was all for nothing. In reality it helped me with my work in college because I was already used to college level material and work load.
I would like to see a change in the staff encouragement with the students. They do help a lot with college.
Hubbard has made me feel very comfortable and welcomed over 4 years. The teachers make sure you are ready for college and helps get the largest amount of money possible.
Hubbard has a great diversity in its community and in its programs. It may not be the largest school or the fanciest, but it sure is something. It's like a second family. Coming new to this school in my sophomore year was fun. I got to blend in very fast. The teachers are just so professional and hardworking. I really appreciate having these teachers.
It was a very enjoyable experience, the teachers really care if you learn something instead of you just passing, and the sports and clubs are very well organized
As a high school senior, I was able to experience four years in Hubbard which offered many opportunities. I've enjoyed being part of the International Baccalaureate program as it has prepared me for the rigorous work I will receive in college. The small size of the school provides students with the sense of community. Teachers are very accessible as many offer additional help to their students by having after/before school hours for students to see them. There are a tremendous amount of clubs for students to be a part of. Although, I do like the school and its education system, I believe there is room for improvement. The school's food isn't very good or nutritious. There is a small salad bar close in the cafeteria that isn't extremely popular with the students. There are meetings for the parents, but the number of parents who attend is very small. The schedules of assemblies constantly change, showing the disorganization of the school.
I loved Hubbard it is a good school district. All the teachers at this school do everything they can to help you pass with good grades. The sports teams are really good by that i mean the coaches are great they do there best to better you on and off the field.
I was enrolled in the IB program at Hubbard and it was the best decision of my life. All the teachers care about you. They actually try to help you understand the material. It is very easy to get a long with the teachers and students. The workload was some what a lot throughout my 4 years there but it was manageable. The advisors at Hubbard memorize you by your name and will help you with any problems you may have or help you get in to the college of your dreams. If I could go back to Hubbard I most definelty would. I went to Harold washington after graduating from Hubbard due to my financial situation but now I transferred over to Illinois Institute of Technology. I couldn't have done this if it wasn't for all the support and motivation from my friends/teachers/advisors that I had at Hubbard.
Hubbard is great ! This school has so much pride that it's amazing. Teachers are very helpful and supportive. The student life is amazing. Everyone in the school feels like their at home when they're in the building. From the janitors to the principal, they all play a major role in the school.
Hubbard High School does have a sense of community, yet the school itself needs a lot of repair. The walls are chipping and there is bad leaking from pipes. Teachers do help out students when its needed, but at times teachers make it seem like they don't want to be working there. There should clearly be improvement in communication between students and staff. If students are content with an agreement with the school than they will more likely cause less problems.
Hubbard has been a great school to me for 4 years. I have met amazing people here who have done so much for me. The teachers are great and everyone who works in this school is great
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They tried to help when they knew there was problems at home and couldn't attend school. What I didn't like was that the counselor would tell other teachers my problems and those teachers would tell students and the whole school found out what i was going through so it made it more embarrassing to attend school. They tried helping but made things worse because what i would tell them was not confidential. So I never felt comfortable opening up to any authority figure again and it was uncomfortable when they asked how i was doing.
Hubbard is a great school im going to Hubbard now and my first day there I met nice people on the first day. The teachers there are awesome.
Throughout my four years in this high school, I was surrounded by a safe environment and a wonderful stuff. I love the various of sports and clubs. Everyone is very friendly and kind. I loved my high school.
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