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HTRS has a great community and many of the students are involved. There are just certain things that aren't perfect, or could be improved.
HTRS is a school that focuses on positive relationships, academic rigor, and offers our students a wide variety of opportunities that help them to become college and career ready.
HTRS High School is an excellent facility, and meets almost every need of their students. Wonderful teaching staff who are always ready to help, and extremely helpful administration staff as well.
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I like that we can choose to do many different things. I don’t like that kids are mean and the staff won’t stop it. Even if a problem is reported, nothing gets done. This has become so bad that most kids decided not to tell because all they will get is an excuse and not-so-nice nickname.
HTRS High School has provided me with many opportunities. From assistance with college to day to day life. This school has helped me to discover a great number of future career opportunities I may not have known about otherwise.
It's a small town so your last name plays a large role in how your high school experience will be. How much playing time you get in sports or how much you can bend the rules often depends on your last name and what your family can do for the school. It is sad but true. The teachers here are, however, fantastic. They give you knowledge that sticks with you, not only the curriculum but also in life.
HTRS, although a small community, comes together really well. It may sound cliche, but we are all just a really big family. I can walk down the hall and name everyone I walk by. The teachers are also amazing. They try to put you before a grade, and each and every one of them push you to be your greatest.
At HTRS high school, I have learned so many invaluable things that will change the course of my life. HTRS really cares about each and every student because they are a small school. The teachers care about us and we have a lot of options in extracurricular activities. I am involved in many activities because there is an enormous selection at HTRS.
Kids to drugs and alcohol, almost as bad as some teachers. It is overlooked until it is a star student who then is made a sob story to be hypocritical about it all.
No variety, and if it ain't sports you get no attention, even if you win state speech.
Nothing too special, just another school in the midwest.
It is alright, nothing too special and some have no right to be there.
Our teachers take part in keeping the school safe as best they can.
This school is not that fair. A lot of student's get treated great because they are liked a lot. If you aren't liked as much you don't get treated the same.
If you like small schools this is the school for you. The teachers are nice, very helpful. If you need help their willing to help you.
There are some great teachers and some not so great, but take the bad with the good. We're in a small community...
I wish everyone, staff and kids were all treated fairly.
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There are always things people want to change, but once you talk to others it may sway you back. Keep an open mind.
We have alot of programs that kids can get involved in! The staff are generous with their time!
We have a fabulous school nurse, very helpful and friendly!!
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