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The staff is great. You can create great relationships with everyone from teachers to custodians. Very few resources are available at the school. The students skip class a lot so there are always students in the hallway and a few fights. P.S. All the academies have been combined into one school now.
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I greatly enjoy the school. There’s a lot of activities and so many sports offered. Both my brother and I attend this school and are very involved. A good portion of the school are also involved creating a community feel inside and outside the class. Teachers are well prepared and show enthusiasm when teaching. I would gladly send my future children to this high school.
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Great school, I have made good friends here and had a very wonderful time being on the cheer leading team and playing softball this academy is very good just needs a little be more improvements here and there but its a great school to go, some teachers really do cares about you and where your future will lead you after after high school, they want us to sussed in life. would recommended coming here.
My experience at HPHS Nursing Academy is that this school has a great amount of diversity. Many people believe that this school is a gruesome school, but if you go to school at HPHS than your mind will broaden. Even though this school has a bad reputation, I believe if we help the next generation of students going into Hartford High, they may have a chance to change the reputation.
There's a nurse facility. Classrooms door are constantly locked.
Most of the after school activities are involved with sports and there are only a few others sometimes.
I barely saw any parent come in, come to events, games or any other activity.
There are a lot of teachers that do get really involve with students but, some don't.
I feel safe so it's great.
There is so much after school programs students get involved with and it makes this school more alive.
This school has given me many amazing opportunities and I'm very thankful. The teachers were very helpful but, overall I don't think this school gave me the best high school experience I could of asked for. The social climate needs to be improved and there should be more diversity.
I personally feel pretty safe in this school, but a couple friends of mine have been, and continue to be bullied.
The teachers are great. There are some that arent so fantastic and dont explain things very well, but most of them are terrific.
Had a great experience. Had a lot of opportunities.
The programs to protect the students are great. The students will have to give their part to make the school be in a better environment
There are days lunch was great. Some days were not so great.
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Never was in either of the disciplinary policies
The teacher will take an extra step to help the student
Had the opportunity to work in the community
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