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I liked the sports and coaches. Most coaches are teachers, so you make a good relationship with them.
The science department and Spanish teachers lack somewhat, particularly in comparison to the wonderful staff in other departments. I also feel that the AP program is undervalued and the College Credit Plus program would improve if offered through a local university like Youngstown State rather than Eastern Gateway Community College. However, in general, the teachers care about their students and provide a good education. The extracurriculars offered are varied and those I participated in were excellent.
My main complaints are the poor condition of the building and lack of diversity, which I understand cannot be helped, and the administration. They treat students with condescension and downright rudeness, participate in favoritism of athletes while ignoring the successes of other students, and refuse to listen to criticisms or even comments from students or their parents. The academics and extracurriculars were worth dealing with it, but be aware.
What I like about Howland High School is that there are many people there that help work with you in academics no matter the subject. You can become extremely active in the community because they give you every chance to do something in the community. The Howland High School offers a variety of courses and electives. The Howland High School Marching Band and Band have many supporters and members. The Howland High School also offers any tutoring help after school. There are always someone or a group of people who you can make friends with. Also your time there will be memorable.
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When I came to Howland it was April of my freshman year, and I was scared I wasn’t going to be accepted coming so late. Howland opened me with welcome arms and allowed me to gain forever friends. The academics were challenging but this school was the reason I was so prepared for college.
1) Lack of inclusion and acceptance for transgender students
2) Rarely enforces anti-bullying policies unless one's mother calls the superintendent (who, by the way, is awesome)
3) Lack of respect for students and our concerns
4) Horrible at relaying important information to college credit plus students and students attending TCTC
5) Principles are incompetent

However, a majority of the teachers I have had were fantastic and really care about their students. I just have a list of grievances for adminstration
Howland High School does not have very advanced technology, but the current principal is working to change that. Aside from the physical aspect of the building, the teachers are on average very considerate and accommodating to personal issues.
I love Howland, but the school needs remodeled. Badly. It's almost 70 years old. Ceiling tiles have fallen in the past and it's kind of an eyesore in general. The teachers are excellent, but you'll get an occasional teacher that sucks (as with many schools). The advanced classes (Honors, AP, CC+) are pretty good. The activities department only cares about athletics, even though the academic activities are very successful. The reviews on here insulting the food are outdated. They recently got a new provider and they're actually pretty decent!
Teachers help out when you need extra help. Teachers have after schoo tutoring on some days incase you need help with any kind of work. The vise principal jokes around with everyone which is a good thing because he always cheers people up if they are looking down and or upset.
I would like to see more opportunities for AP and college level classes. Also, I hope the guidance consulars step up.
I really like Howland. At first I wasn't easily welcomed in, but when you look past all the cliques and the stereotypes, it is a good school with good people. I have moved quite frequently in my life so I never experienced what a childhood friend was, but I get that experience at Howland.
It is a nice school. The education is taught well. The school however is very out of date. A new high school is needed. The environment it provided made it hard to learn sometimes.
The building is very old. Most of the teachers are very nice and understanding. I feel very unprepared for college. I also feel like our guidance department could help more with applying to college.
There is not a lot of diversity in Howland. The teachers and principles at Howland seem to overlook racially charged bullying. The teachers are great people and care about their students.
Howland is a very nice place where I feel fairly comfortable. I enjoy the football games on Friday nights in the fall, and i enjoy being around my friends. The lunch is usually pretty good as you have alot of options.
I loved being in the "best band in the Mahoning valley land". I have lots of memories that I will carry with me the rest of my life. Howland has a great music program and we have pride in that. I loved the teachers and the curriculum. As far as change, the school buildings are very old and not up to state of the art. I would love for Howland to get new schools.
My experience at Howland High School shaped me into the person I am today. Howland works hard to prevent drug abuse and to stop it before it starts even before high school. I was involved with many clubs that I volunteered with and also had leadership positions in. The vast majority of the teaching staff is wonderful and wants students to succeed. I have had help from most of my teachers and have even gotten letters of recommendation. The guidance department means well but is not always well informed on smaller schools.
For starters my mom graduated from Howland High School, so that makes me proud to follow in her footsteps. My experience shows me that it is good education when I compare with friends not in my school district. I have been in AP or advanced placements in math and history since the sixth grade. This has put me ahead in graduation requirements.
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I love the friends that I've made over the years, the clubs and out of this world acapella choir. I can't say it's only one or two things because it all blends in to make a wonderful 4 years of my life.
There are tools on-line to supplement learning and to help students keep abreast of homework and future requirements. Teachers tend to devote more time documenting on line assignments to make themselves more accessible to the students.
Some teachers play favorites and are lazy
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