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The teachers are all great and easy to connect to. information is well spread throughout the school and the sports teams are pretty good. The performing arts has many opportunities and there are also many clubs to join and always something to be apart of. The biggest highlight of Howell High School is the senior survivor game held for a week in the spring in order to raise money for charities.
It was a great school with excellent teachers. My only complaint would be is that the school district only seemed to focus on standardized tests and not on the actual everyday education. In talking with people from other school districts, I feel like I missed out on some basic education but became really great at taking standardized tests.
It was a good learning experience. I learned a lot from a lot of my teachers. I will miss the friendships and social engagements. Our school was very social and wanted to do good things for the community. I was able to be apart of Senior Survivor, which was one of the best weeks of my life. I learned so much and was able to help impact so many lives. Howell made me the person I am today.
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Howell High School is a great school to attend. Great teachers and staff. The programs available for students such as, construction and Co-OP, are good programs for to enroll in to enhance your expirience here.
Howell High is a typical high school. There's a large variety of different classes to take and an even bigger variety of extracurricular activities.
I like that there are a lot of classes available to take but i dislike the social environment, lack of diversity, and the facility. There are some good and some bad teachers. The school chooses to spend money on uneccessay things such as parking space numbers rather than useful things such as roof leaks or damaged bathrooms.
Living in Howell, I've made many friends through Howell High School networking. It's a decently small town and Howell High School is something that connects us all. The campus is very safe, very big, and faculty and staff are very pleasant. Our sporting events are always a fun (Especially our football games, they draw a very large and enthusiast crowd) The community involvement is fantastic, it brings me pride know that Howell High gives teens a chance to really experience making a positive difference in our community. We also have some amazing academics programs that other schools in the community don't have, such as our fire fighting program that trains young men and women who are interested in pursuing a career in being a first responder. There really is some brilliant opportunities that come with being a Howell Highlander.
Howell high school has many programs and courses to fit a variety of academic, athletic, and social interests. The staff throughout the district is excellent, especially at the elementary level. I believe one way to improve the high school is having more educators from different companies that can provide real life experiences and lessons. The high school has prepared me for the next chapter in my education.
Howell High School has many great teachers and advisors that are willing to help. Many of their classes prepare you for the real world. They have high expectations that push you to challenge yourself and succeed. It's a friendly environment to be in and although its a big school everyone comes together with the many school events they have.
Decent education system with occasional flaws here and there. Great autism program and fantastic teachers.
I moved to Michigan my Junior year of high school. It's a good school great academics has a wide variety of classes you can take. Howell High School really wants to help you in the direction of the carrier you want to go into so they really push you to take a lot of elective classes to help you decide. Overall it was a good school to attended and it helped me go into the carrier I am trying to get into today. So I say if you are looking for a good high school to attend, I would immediately tell you to put your kids into this school.
I enjoyed Howell High School. The teachers were always excellent and care about future Education. The class options are also great. There are many choices and its a good time to explore what is interesting .
Good school overall, most staff are helpful and care about the students. Lots of activities to participate in; sports teams are competitive and perform well. I enjoyed my time at Howell High School, enjoyed the activities, the staff and other students.
Howell High School, overall, is a pretty nice high school. There is a whole slew of opportunities for students to partake in, from clubs to the plethora of classes. A majority of the teachers are kind and care about their students' well being. However, the food and the lack of strong discipline for students drop the score down to a three.
I have been very happy at Howell High School. My journey has been fun. My grades have been good and have made a lot of friends. As well as connecting with a lot of my teachers. This is a great school with a lot of nice people and friendly faces. No one has given me problems and our staff is full of wonderful and generous people. The school itself is great.
All the teachers and staff were extremely helpful and just all around great teachers. I loved all my classes becuase of them. I learned a great deal in my fours years at Howell High School.
I felt Howell High School helped prepare me for college. There were many fun activities such as Battle of the Classes and I recommend that if you attend this school, you get involved. I have many long lasting friendships because of the activities I joined.
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Howell High school can have good and bad times but that's also any other school. Howell Public Schools know how to handle the bad situations and get them under control. Many of the teachers and friendly and they majority of them are very helpful. Howell High School has a good NHS program and does a lot of community work. Howell is small but still can do great things. The only bad side is that we need to work harder as a community rather then individuals.
Very good school with top notch teachers that actually care about your success. I've moved around a lot so I know the bad schools and the good schools. Although there are not that much diversity, Howell do have a handful of exchange students from other countries. Going to this school is fun, there are lots of activities that the school does that forces students to participate, which is very good because it forces everyone to come together to achieve a goal. For example, senior survivor ( where picked seniors stay/live at school for a week and try to win money for specific organizations) really involves everyone and everyone wants to participant in the fun.
Howell High School is one of the largest high schools in the state of Michigan. This can causes some major disadvantages for individualization of education. Many students leaves the administration little time to focus on each student. This forces each student to have to advocate for themselves in their education. If you are a student who can do this, Howell offers many AP, duel-enrollment, and CO-OP opportunities for its students.
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