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Very welcoming academic atmosphere, however there is quite a bit of racism from the students. The teachers are good and encourage you to push yourself, however, they won't bend over backwards to make sure that you get good grades.
Some teachers are really great and are fully there for students. Great opportunity for students interested in arts and humanities. GPA scale is unfair toward students not in a program. Student is given two different class standings and can keep students from scholar ship opportunities for college.
There are a lot of different clubs and sports that students can join. Also, i feel like there are a lot of different electives that students can choose from. Some of the teachers there aren’t the best but otherwise there are A LOT of amazing teachers there.
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Howell High School was a home for me for the 4 years I attended. The staff and students alike are all so friendly. There is so much school spirit and everyone loves the school.
Howell High School is a great school and community to be a part of. The only thing I would change is the food in the cafeteria. I wish they had better quality food and more choices.
It was very good. One big thing is to get involved. By getting involved you will make friends that last a lifetime.
Howell High School is full of incredible teachers who are very personally connected to their students and working with them. The administration should be more friendly to the Arts and Humanities magnets at the school because the students their have incredibly potential to be doing great work. They deserve better facilities because they have all the faculty and talent they need.
Howell High School overall is a relatively good school. The history department here is amazing, all of the history teachers I've had know far beyond the textbook. They are always open to assist you and push you so you can reach your full potential in any way possible. I had a completely opposite experience with the math department being they have few teachers who vary in teaching style. Most of the math teachers aren't willing to assist the student without a push from the supervisor.

Howell has a diverse option of clubs and activities which is great being there is something for everyone. Something unique about the school is the specialized learning programs they have in the school. Howell High School is home to a performing arts academy which adds diversity with the arts into the school.
The culture at Howell High School is excellent. The teachers and classes are wonderful. There is so much you can do whether join a sport club or groups. It will be the best 4 years of your life.
Honestly, I love my school. I hear other people saying how they hate their school and how it's "trash" but I rarely have any complaints. I enjoyed being there. There is so much diversity throughout the whole building, so many characters of students stand out to make the school even more unique. The activities and events the school hols bring everyone together to share the high school moments we will all remember. I'm glade I am apart of it. The only thing I would change is that students are allowed to eat outside and that the school should fix up its courtyard. We have a nice one but is barely touched by anyone. Might as well use it to advantage.Whats better than eating outside with friends on a nice weather?
Howell High School was an excellent school to attend. The academics were great and there were a plethora of ways to get involved. I always felt at home while at HHS. It is a superb public high school in New Jersey.
I met great friends at Howell High School. My involvement in the cross country team and swim team for 4 years gave me a great sense of Howell Pride and I'm leave with awesome memories and friendships. The teacher are so fun and inspiring. Involvement in clubs or sports is key to a happy high school experience since Howell is a bigger school getting involved makes the experience much better. I do think they need to find a better system for parking in the senior lot, it sometimes takes 20 minutes just to get out of the lot. I will miss the teacher and staff but look forward to my future in college. #wearehowell #howellpride #howellrebels.
Howell High school has a great staff and students which allowed me to get the best education. I have been able to take part in cheerleading, National Honors Society, Peer eadership and many other great things that are offered!
I love Howell High school. The staff members are kind and help students succeed. The resources available to the students are outstanding, especially the new iLab!
I was apart of Howell High School's FPAC Program as a dancer(Fine and Performing Arts Center), and Dance Team.
Teachers were knowledgeable and understood when students should be pushed to Honors or AP courses. The majority (if not all) of the teachers are wonderful and dedicated to helping students learn, though some are opinionated in their views (politically and socially).
Being multicultural and biracial, I would say this school isn't as diverse.
I know there were numerous varsity teams. Also if you aren't into sports, then HHS has a lot of clubs and activities. However these take place after school and will take up most of your time.
When it pertains to facilities lunch was always indoors in a spacious area. Although I would love to see HHS utilize the very beautiful outdoor square areas during lunch. The FPAC dance program has 2 rooms, both about the same size though one slightly bigger than the other, both with Marley floors. They both have windows, mirrors, and ballet barres.
Teachers were active and involved in the students' well being. As a former member of the FPAC program, I can confidently say that this high school shaped me into a more confident, well-spoken individual.
Overall Howell High School has given me a great experience that I will cherish for years to come. The staff and student population have both been fantastic and I feel very prepared to continue my journey into college. Thank you Howell, for being a great school!
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I had a positive high school experience. I always had my peers and teachers around to help me with any problems academically and outside of school. Theirs a lot of friendly and happy faculty who I can tell genuinely love their jobs. Ive learned so much through out my years especially life skills which I feel is the most important skills that should be learned.
Howell High School, otherwise known as Howhell to other students, is where I cracked into the person I am. Throughout the years, my brain will forever be engraved with my teachers' words. One of my most memorable teachers told my freshmen year biology class that all our problems that we think are world-ending worthy are miniature compared to the large planet and universe we live on and in. It taught me not to stress over the little things. With this mind set all of high school, it launched me to my, not yet reached, destination: graduation. I have been packing my suitcase ever since freshmen year, which was eloquently explained to me by my AP US History teacher. He explained that all the negative habits created in high school will be carried to college. It is up to me to take out the unnecessary. There is only so much you can carry to college. Despite all the opposing views of Howhell, it is and forever will be my Howhome.
While I was at howell high school it was very drab and dark, not many windows, it kind of felt like a prison. not a great learning environment. recently I believe there have been some changes in decor so it looks brighter and more open. one of the big issues I had with that school was some of the teachers. HHS had a LOT of teachers that had been there for a LONG time. That itself is not a problem, but some of those teachers performed very poorly and it seemed like they were being kept around out of habit. The administration was also known to be rude and often very controlling.
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