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I love that it is a school where everyone cares for one another. This can also be a problem as sometimes everyone knows your business. It is also a school that was struck by a tornado in 2016. It is then that all the students came out in full force to work together for the betterment of the school and community.
I have always gone to Howe. I love going to a small school but there are a few things I would like to see change. Because Howe is so small, everyone knows each other, and it is hard for new people to feel welcome. I would love to see my school open up to these people and not treat them like "outsiders".
I have gone to Howe Schools since I was in kindergarten. This community has supported me and my decisions throughout the years. It’s a family community for sure and I wouldn’t want to have gone anywhere else. I am going off to college next year and having 5 siblings it’s not cheap. So having a little extra money to help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Howe isd is a great school, teachers understand each student and meet the need of them! Most of all the staff is very friendly and everyone had a great attitude. The only thing that I would like to see change around this school is the dress code. It is very strict on what you can wear and not wear.
The way that the teachers teach are great
Being a small school, the academics are not too diverse. In fact they arent diverse at all.
Most people fit into the stereotypes, but I floated around most of the time. I got Mr. Howe Hogh Schoo, which was amazing. I lov the people, but they are just teenagers acting like teenagers. I had to mature from a young age, so I never god to experience that.
There are slim to non extracurricular activities at this schoo just due to the fact that it is a small school with a low budget, not a suprise.
Me experiences in Howe were very diverse. I was not too involved, but I also was not uninvolved. One thing that really makes Howe unique is the comradary within specific groups such as band and sports. I was in the band and was really transformed by how generous the directors were and how committed the students were, which rubbed off on me. I would choose to do it all over again, so I can really focus more on my grades and have a game plan set up for my colleve life.
Most of the teachers at this school really care about the students and want them to succeed in life. I have much respect for them and it was a blessing to be able to go to Howe
This school is great when it comes to safety policies! All precautions are taken and all staff are extremely prepared to deal with any situation that may come their way!
There is a extracurricular activity for every student to be involved in!
This school is the best! It is smaller than most high schools in the area, but everyone is so close and so involved in the community!
The teachers at this school have always gone above and beyond for their students and always make sure they are pushing themselves to reach excellence!
I haven't met a mean parent yet. They all seem to be very down-to-earth and friendly, and give all of us a bunch of support in athletic and nonathletic events, like prom and sport-fundraisers. It has been sometimes a bit hard to adjust, but they are all here to help. The small community is special in that everyone knows everyone, which makes it fun to become increasingly involved in their lives. The stories to hear are amusing and honest, so it's great to know that there are people who aren't so involved in "modern life" to enjoy simple pleasures.
I have only been in the school for a little while, so I am still adjusting to it, but this school has made it easy to adjust! The teachers are great and students are pretty friendly. I'm grateful for the opportunity to move to such a great place considering that we moved so quickly due for my father's job on junior year. There is a huge focus on challenging education so that the students can be ready for college studies, and a quite a few college classes for such a small school. Overall, "it's great", and I am looking forward to my next year here.
I had a few great teachers who were the best part about coming to school.
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There will always be issues where teens are involved but on the whole this is a very safe place with very few problems
It is hard for small schools to offer as much as they should. It is a good place to be. it is a safe place. There are things that need to be improved, but as far as high schools go, it is pretty good.
I have appreciated the experience that this school has given me and what I have learned about my peers, parents, and teachers. I have learned who I am and what I stand for, and that with true dedication I can achieve my goals. I enjoyed my school very much, even though there is way too much of a workload for students to get done, so when we are home, it is never possible to relax or spend time with family. You are constantly working on things that could have been done at school.
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