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My experience at Howards Grove High School has been great. The past year I had the opportunity to start taking classes at Lakeland University. I love that you know everyone. Recently the high school added a new auditorium onto our school. I like how our small division four school has grown the past four years I have attended this school. The past three years we had upgraded to new food service, we built in a school store, invested into hp streams for all the kids to use, bought all new tables for the lunch room, and renewed our library with new furniture and innovation room where groups can work. Our school is academically active with our grades. Our principal checks every student's grades for F's. If they have an F they will go to a study table to bump that grade back up. I love how Howards Grove High School has been constantly making changes for mine and other students academic career enhance.
Very caring teachers that want to see the students succeed. Preparations for college are a very high priority. Friendly and well prepared students. Lots of academic options.
It allowed me to pursue college level education while still in high school. I'm proud to be part of Howards Grove schools.
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I like how small the classes are and how well education is taught. I wish the criteria was higher, and I wish there were more classes.
I would choose this school if I had to do it all over again for a number of different reasons. The main reason is the communication aspect of it. You do not feel weird to go up and talk to a teacher, even if it is something regarding a topic outside of school. In addition, when you're outside of the school and in the community, it is not uncommon to stop in the grocery store for ten minutes and catch up with your teachers. The involvement of the teachers in the students life makes it a great environment throughout the community.
The teachers at Howards Grove High School have all been extremely helpful for all of the students futures. The best part about the staff at Howards Grove is that they are all super engaging and want to learn about each and every one of their students. They are always there to listen if you would be having a bad day, or need extra help on your homework. Mostly, they all respond to emails very quick and never fail to give you the advice that you need. Since it is such a small school, it allows the teachers to become this involved with all of their students and for me, that has been the biggest positive of attending Howards Grove High School.
Staff are very knowledgeable and there are a lot of opportunities to get college credits while in high school.
There are never concerns about safety at Howards Grove. Staff have procedures in place, students practice drills, there are random drug dog checks, this a very safe place. I am able to focus on learning without any concerns about being safe.
FFA, student council, fbla, drum line, are just a few of the outstanding opportunities for students after school. A lot of students participate and you can do multiple activities, you are not limited or excluded to what you can do.
The staff cares about kids. Other students are friendly and accepting of everyone. I love this school.
The staff is exceptional. If you put in any effort you will be completely supported by staff and administration.
Our school is always safe. I never feel like I am in danger. Howards high is isn't the cleanest, but it isn't dirty by any means.
The extracurricular opportunities at Howards Grove are very good. They provide students a way to expand their array of knowledge and experiences of various things that will help them in their future.
Howards Grove has a lot to offer for clubs and such things. I really enjoy and cherish the small town community and our small school. It allows everyone to know each other well and it makes the atmosphere during the school day positive and fun.
They do their job well, they care about us the students, and they are very active in school events like assemblys and fundraisers.
This school provides many opportunities to be a leader. I was ale to make myself stand out by being a officer for SkillsUSA, being apart of charity events, and also a leader in the classroom.
Again, not as many opportunities as a big school.
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More options, not the same thing every day
Teachers are friendly and easy to talk to
Great success, more participation needed
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