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Howard W. Blake High School & Magnet Program Reviews

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I am very proud to attend THE Howard W. Blake High School. As a magnet student, my experience may be different than others. But from my 2 years of experience I have found the pros and cons of my school. On a good note, certain teachers are preparing me rigorously for college classes by teaching just like a professor, the availability of AP and dual enrollment classes makes my merge to college easy, plus the school culture is amazing. The students at Blake take pride in our school. On the other hand, an improvement Blake could make would be some of the administrative such as guidance counselors. I understand the work load placed on them, but the wait time for a simple edsby response is a little uncalled for. Overall, I’m proud to be a yellow jacket. Blake may have its faults, but what school doesn’t?
Howard W. Blake High School has many programs for the visual and performing arts taught by instructors who are very experienced in their craft. These incredible teachers work hard to better their students at their craft as well as provide them with a multitude of opportunities to work in professional settings, preparing them for what it is like to have a career in the arts.
Howard W. Blake High School is diverse, creative, and full of talent! Here, students are not only able to be themselves, but express themselves in any way possible. We are able to get a great education along with develop stronger passions for what we love to do best.
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I’m a freshman at Blake right now and it’s been going pretty smoothly. There are a lot of stairs but it’s not that bad.
I loved the clubs and community at Blake High. The teachers always went above and beyond to see their students succeed in their majors,
Blake is an amazing school to express your talents . Being a yellow jacket is a great opportunity to feel apart of a family and become more ioen to different possibilities and observe ithers talents while displaying your own .
Blake's Magnet program is outstanding. The teachers are all so kind and truly want the best for their students. Through the years I have attended, my knowledge of music has grown so much and that is because of the amazing teachers!
Blake High School is a good school for the arts and the magnet program. Very well known for high success rate in each program. Academically it could be stronger and the culture between magnet and traditionally students is very poor. Overall Blake is an ideal school for those pursuing art fields
Blake high school was a diverse community that allowed students to express themselves freely and learn in an awesome place. The faculty genuinely cared about the students and how they could strive to teach them better. However the food wasn't that great, most high schools don't have great food but that's ok.
The thing I loved most about Blake was the students and how passionate they were about their art and how the teachers took notice and encouraged them.
My school experience was filled with diversity, and love, and music. But I do wish my school was more organized.
The magnet program at Blake is amazing. Hands down to all of the teachers and administrators that are involved in the magnet program, if only the rest of the school and administration could be at this same level. Most of the teachers are well-educated and interested in what is best for their students, the same cannot be said for the administration. Though the school only continues to grow, it is the poor administration that is holding Blake (as well as its students) back from reaching the fullest potential.
Compared to other public high schools it was smaller and not as much drama. I was in the theater program and I think that was good for me. The students there a lot more excepting. They’re not very good at communicating sometimes but overall it was better than a lot of other public schools
I just graduated from Blake as class of 2018 and my time there was very wild. Overall the school was great and it’s performing arts program is phenomenal whatved your major is you will love every second of it! Also we are a historically African American high school so it was very cool to be there, and of course it is very diverse. The band was always putting on an amazing performance at the football games and pep rally’s! And our Blake theater always had a great show, they also went to states this year for the show called Side Show. On a side note you may want to bring your own lunch because I did not enjoy the food or the lunch ladies attitude. Everything else about the school is very good.
Blake was able to bring me incredible opportunities within my area of passion that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Very lucky to have had the opportunity to go to school here.
I liked the teachers I had at Howard W. Blake High School who helped me prepare for college and beyond. I did not like the administration.
It's an innovative school that helps kids excel at expanding their love of the arts. We don't have much funding for some programs, but we are resilient and do what we can with what we have.
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I absolutely loved Blake High School. Being able to express myself freely was never a question in this accepting environment. It was a great place to express individual talents and interests whole still having access to, what I would consider, a quality education! I feel as though, having access to the arts -even if you aren't actively involved In them- is a great way to relieve stress and open your mind.

I do wish the school would've helped students better prepare for college. I sought out many great teachers who helped me personally, but on an institutional level there wasn't as much college preparation as I would have liked to see.
Howard W. Blake High School was a beautiful experience. I excelled in mathematics and music performance, which helped me earn college credits early!

This school offers a pretty good academic curriculum as well as a very prestigious education in visual and performing arts. Every other school in the county looks to our students and are amazed with their talent. Along with providing opportunities in academics, Blake High has produced incredible artists, musicians, barbers, performers, teachers, and more. In fact, I had a classmate who starred in big movies and shows right out of high school!

In addition to that, I began to see an accepting generation. In this school you could see people of all colors, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religions all united as one unit. All of us just worked on projects, learned together, and achieved our own goals regardless of our differences.

An exceptional school and environment. For Black and Gold

Go Yellow Jackets!
A lot of unfairness and disrespect with students versus teachers. I wish there was more attention to the students’ behaviors and not just the usual, from the principles. I think there needs to be more discipline in the district because some things adults don’t see is one of the worst types of “crimes.” There’s times where the adults and teachers just do not care about the students education and they need to be dismissed. That type of energy they give, discourages the students from growing and doing things they’ve never thought of being able to do.
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