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I think feeling safe at this school is not an issue. The teachers do a good job of making sure that everyone is safe and well. If someone is having an issue, the teachers are quick to take care of it and diffuse the situation. I think few students-if any- don't feel confident in coming to school. Everybody is very close here and if there is a problem, it is usually taken care of before the students even get to school.

As far as health programs and resources go, I think that the school has adequate access. There is a health class offered at this school, and we often talk about health and personal hygiene in our morning meeting. In addition to this, when cleaning the school, the students are careful to disinfect all doorknobs and handles with clorox wipes. The only thing I would suggest is putting aside more money for fruits and vegetables at school lunch. Since produce is so expensive here, I don't think a lot of kids get fresh food at home. Overall though, I think this school does a great job.
A surprising amount of extracurricular activities are offered at my school. Given its size, you wouldn't expect the students here to have the opportunities we do. In addition to sea kayaking, my school offers archery and robotic clubs. (As our archery team is very competitive, our school does all it can in order to support and promote the team.) Other sports that are offered are Cross Country, Basketball, Wrestling, and Track. If we don't have enough players at our school we will often combine with other schools in our district in order to ensure that we all receive a rewarding experience. Since travel here is so expensive, our school hosts a variety of fund-raising programs, put on by the students, in order to raise the much-needed funds. We really are presented with a variety of opportunities at this school that you wouldn't find anywhere else. Almost everybody tries to participate in one sort of club or sport, and this school and the teachers here try to give us the opportunity to experience new things.
The teachers at this school are fantastic. They strive to maintain a level of excellence in the classroom that benefits each and every student. They are passionated about what they teach about. When I get an assignment in the classroom, most of the time I feel like it is because the teacher wants me to understand that particular assignment-it's not just busy work. Most of the teachers here have had the opportunity to teach elsewhere, so that brings a lot of diversity to the classroom. The students here are able to maintain a personal relationship with the teachers outside of the classroom, which is something I think is very important. In addition to maintaining a productive learning environment, the teachers here spend countless hours outside of the required work day in order to benefit the students. They are involved in a variety of school hosted events that take hours of dedication and preparation on their behalf. I think the teachers at this school go above and beyond the bounds of the job description.
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I think the involvement of the Principal and guidance counselors at this school is adequate for a school in the Southeast Island School District. Since most of the schools in the district are small and pretty spread out, it's hard for the counselors and Principal of the schools to be everywhere at once. However, the Principal, counselors, and Superintendent have visited on several occasions. Since the school district is so spread out, the task of maintaining discipline within the schools usually falls to the Head teacher. Overall, I think this distribution of authority works well for our school. It allows us the freedom of most day to day decisions, but also maintains that level of authority and propriety that is expected of public education.
This school has been a great thing for me and my siblings. I really love how the teachers take the time to truly instruct us. I also like how the needs of the student are put first. If someone isn't understanding a concept, the teachers will take the take the time to sit down and go over the problem with the student. Everything is catered towards helping the students to succeed.

We are provided with some of the best opportunities to gain experience in a variety of fields of study, as well as assisted in our endeavors by several projects that are spearheaded by the school itself. For example, it is very expensive for students to participate on sports teams, because the cost of extracurricular activities is very high in the remote regions of Alaska. Recognizing this, the school teachers and administrators have set up several fundraising activities that help students raise money in order to participate on these teams. The teachers at this school are continually promoting the welfare of the students, oftentimes at the expense of their own time and money.

Overall, my school provides students with a great learning environment. The teachers here are really focused on helping the students to achieve greater heights, and provide us with a variety of unique opportunities that can't be found elsewhere.
This school is very centered on the student. The teachers here are very focused on meeting the needs of every individual. They provide us plenty of opportunities to experience something new and provide quality instruction. I think the teachers here really care about the students and want to help us succeed in life.
we dont really have any clubs here but everyone plays sports. everyone does archery and almost everyone does basketball. those are really the only sports offered here unless you want to drive over to Thorne Bay and play for their team
we dont really have any issues with it being unsafe.
this school is small but everyone is close. yes we get mad at one another and have bad days, but just like a close knit family, we get over it and move on. its to small of a school to be mad at someone for long. we also do everything together. go on field trips, play sports, we even eat lunch together. i usually eat lunch sitting next to a 10 year old and a 14 year old. age really doesn't choose who our friends are here, we do.
we have only 3 teachers at this school but we have many other adults that go out of there way to come and help out everyday. we have some restrictions on what we can and can't wear at school but i think that it is for the benefit for everyone attending class. we are also not aloud to drink energy drinks at school. its not because they are bad for you but because with such a small school, we are around the younger kids all day and the teachers know that they look up to us and by them seeing us drinking those drinks, that could influence them to drink them also. bullying is not aloud at my school but everyone is lenient enough to have fun without actually hurting anyones physically or emotionally.
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