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Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) High School Reviews

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At Hlww, I would love to see many more classes available to students every year. I want to see different language options besides Spanish, more honors, AP and CIS classes offered and PSEO supported. In this school, it always feels like they are holding students back from their full potential. I had an extremely smart friend who was pushing to take a higher math class because her current class was too easy and bored her. She kept pushing for it and the only reason she got to take a higher math class is that there was a new student from another school that came and was already enrolled in the more advanced class. This incident has proven that our school is not letting students reach their full potential. I am hoping that something will change and students will be able to accelerate at their own pace.
What I really like about my school is that everyone knows everyone. Some people think that going to a small school isn't very fun, but I like the fact that I know almost every person's name. Another thing I like is that everyone gets along. We don't have any big bullying problems and everyone is genuinely nice to everyone else. I also really love my teachers. They all put in a lot of effort and I really feel like I'm learning something.
The academics are great. I am enrolled in an AP course as I was last year and I think it's an amazing that these classes are offered. I am also currently enrolled in a College in Schools (CIS) class that is very helpful to me because I know that I won't have to pay for those credits when I went college. The teachers will thoroughly explain any topic that they are teaching and they never fail to go one-on-one with a student that is struggling. The only thing that I am not very fond of is the attitudes of my classmates and the racism that is constant at my school.
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I like the teachers and the after school activities that are offered here. I have been in this district for pretty much my whole life and I played volleyball from about 4th grade up until 9th grade. I love volleyball but I wanted to try other activities, so I didn't continue volleyball the following years. I joined FFA in 9th grade, still in FFA, but I am also in student council. I am a peer tour for math. I would go back to this school to do all over again because the teachers support you and try to help you. There isn't that many students so its a fairly small high school. The middle school is attached to the high school as well. There is plenty of activities to do beside you acdemic life at HLWW high school.
The teachers always make time for the students whether they are in their class or not, and always go the extra mile to mae sure the students feel welcome and comfortable with the material. They are willing to approach topics from different perspecties i norder to help everyone get a better understanding of the subject.
The staffing at this school is outstanding! They will do anything for you and sincerely help you out however they can. They enfource clothing that is appropriate and will send you home (I like that) if not appropriate.

Their guidance counselor is fabulous, totally for the kids and knows the kids.
The teachers here are amazing!! They go out of their way to help you however they see fit. I was blessed to have 2 teachers volunteer to write my letters of recommendation for colleges. The amount of support is incredible. It's nice to have them sincerely behind you...and not out to get rid of you.

It was great because there was a great sense of openess between kids and students. Whether it was school related or not they were always ready to listen or help as needed.
Howard Lake High school had a great group of teachers. The amazing part about these teachers was there genuine care. They have a passion for what they do and they show it. They believe in there students and truly stand behind them.

The optional classes was great, it allowed us to explore different areas we may not have. One thing I can say about my high school is that they are the only one in our state that actually CPR certifies every student in the school. (That is a great thing)

Our class size and work load was amazing. We were blessed to have smaller classes and great opportunities to meet with teachers to get the help we needed, whenever we needed.
Condition of the school is good and clean thanks to the wonderful janitors. Out counsler is not helpful at all. She hasnt helped us much with college searches or finding scholarships
We have an amazing new weight room for everyone to use. there is always staff present to be supervisors and help with workouts. THe school spirit is over the top fun!
The only clubs are athletic clubs like golf basketball softball baseball football wrestling and gymnastics. then there is the drama club and NHS but very few are involved in NHS and drama.
Most of the teachers provide excellent learning opportunities and they know what they are teaching. The grading scale has become tougher over the years but it is manageable. A slelect few of the teachers are not very strict and are more laid back in their teaching.
I love the hands on learning and how the teachers will take time out of their day to help a stutend understand the material. They provide opportunities to catch up on howmwork and the overall academics of my school are splendid. The athletic department is loads of fun. There are many opportunities to support the teams all year round. Lots of school spirit.
The school has good rules of conduct to follow and sometimes the students can easily get away with it. Unfortunately, the guidance counsler is not helpful whatsoever.
the cafeteria is very clean. the variety for food on the menu is ok. the condition the food is in very. the food can be cook perfect on the next day the food is saggy. on other days the food could be rock hard
There are several extracurricular activities, however, there is not very much participation or comitment to some fo them. Most of the attention is on our basketball teams putting the other sports in the shadows. Any activities that are not athletic often struggle with funding, however, the community seems to support most of them. I think that if more teachers of faculty members would participate we would have a much more rounded array of activities.
Most of the students are very accepting at HLWW and a high school student will face the same peer pressure situations as in evey other school, but after the first few times resisting, the pressure will more than likely stop and you will be repected for your choices.
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our school is very involved with sports. Our fans are extremely supportive and are at every event no matter how far away. We are known to have dedicated fans and community as a whole. Our phys ed has greatly improved in the last couple years with our new gym and health teacher.
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