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I was being dumbed down in honors classes. I did not feel welcomed too often; I felt unsafe. There was a lot of chaos. It's impossible to describe fully. I had an English teacher who could not spell, "highlighter" correctly on many occasions. I never felt pushed to my potential. I felt alone. Students will wait for someone else to take care of business and work. Teachers would just let it happen. The only thing I got out of that school was my Algebra I class.
Howard Junior High is a great place to work and/or send your child. The teachers & staff truly have the best interest of their students. There is a sense of family.
I like the teacher dedication and discipline policy. The environment is friendly and welcoming. Parents and students are treated with respect.
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I've worked for a variety of companies and school districts. I've found that Howard is one of the most pleasant.

Howard is focused on the entire student, not just STAAR scores. I can talk to administration or counselors about a student, and they usually already know and understand the problems. If not, they work quickly to resolve the problem the student is having.

Administration also treats teachers like professionals, instead of children at a daycare. I'm allowed to teach as I see fit, and am not constantly questioned and redirected by administrators.

The majority of the teachers here are friendly and enjoy their jobs. Howard is a wonderful place.
Howard Junior High is a great school! I enjoy the staff here. It is a great place to work and a great community!
Howard Junior High is a special campus. Having worked in a variety of campus settings, I have found Howard's staff to be welcoming, knowledgable, and kind. I would like my own children to attend here when they are old enough. I would recommend the campus to interested parents.
Both of my children have had fabulous experiences at Howard Junior High. Also, I am very proud to tell people that I am a teacher at this campus!
Howard Junior High is a great place to send your child. The teachers & staff have the best interest of their students.
I enjoy working here, the students are excited about learning. The atmosphere is very inviting family like atmosphere.
Howard JH is a great place to be! The administration, counselors and faculty are like a family and truly care about each other and their students. It's a positive, happy atmosphere where students are encouraged to do their best daily. Students have many options for extra-curriculars: band, choir, athletics, dance, cheer, FOR club, Student Council, Spanish club just to name a few. It's a phenomenal school that wants what's best for students.
Great staff who work hard to give every student a chance to be their best. I feel most students on our campus feel supported & cared for by their teachers.
There is good comradery between the teachers and a good sense of school spirit overall within the school. Discipline is adequate and there is a feeling of fairness.
Howard is a great school with teachers who work hard and care about students. I hope to send my son here one day.
I have had a good experience at Howard Junior HIgh but there are things that can be improved. Administration should be in classes more often and students need to be disciplined more consistently.
This is a wonderful school surrounded by beautiful communities and has amazing and caring teachers that put their kids first. We strive for high academic scores and try to make each child successful in life to continue on to the Highschool
I work here and it's been wonderful. The kids are always put first, and academics are second. The kids are excited to be here and teachers love working here.
Great environment for your children to grow! Everyday they will be challenged to go outside of the box. Couldn't ask for a better staff who will care/love for your child more!!
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Howard has a friendly and positive environment that fosters both personal and academic growth for all students.
Howard teachers and administrators truly care about your kids and giving them the best education possible.
We have wonderful administrators, exciting students and motivated staff.
Administrators are always willing to go out of their way to help teachers, students and parents. Teachers are always willing to help administrators and students. Students are eager to learn and willing to volunteer to help other students. Parents enjoy volunteering to help students. Students enjoy the fund raisers. Students take trips like to Austin and College Station. Teachers enjoy the challenge of working with students because they are anxious to learn. Even the support staff helps students, teachers, administrators and parents. Most of our new students and their parents are so satisfied with our
school system. Parents say that there is a big improvement in their child's
attitude once the start attending Howard Junior High.
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