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Howard Inghram Elementary School Reviews

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There is very little check ups on weapon use and drug use. There is really no need to check, only when it is used is usually from a unwelcomed person.
The after school programs are usually used and made for students with late working parents, but anyone can join. Students who have to stay are never bored and have many chances to do many activities after school. The school staff take time on students grades and helps them on understanding their academics.
One great experience would be the engagement with school staff taking time to get to know kids, and talk to them. They would even play with them or have conversations about experiences themselves. They know how to talk to them in a respectable and fun way to the students. Teachers encourage students to get out, and join clubs. Most of the time to get shy kids out of their comfort zone, and make new friends. Many kids have had good experiences in making friend with other students or staff.
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Most teachers take time to know their students. They have good communication with parents or guardians of students. Any student can approach a teacher in a well known problem or at problem of any kind. The teachers do not stop the classroom to chat with the students but can in an appropriate time.
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