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I've gone to Howard High School for 3 years now and 3 years at Howard Middle School before that. I consider it my home and the teachers and staff there my family. I really enjoy the clubs and extracurriculars and how there are so many opportunities to get involved. But most of all, the pride that each and everyone one of us has for the Howard Huskies is just incredible.
High school is what you make of it, and at Howard, my experience has been one I'll never forget. Participation and support for clubs and sports from the staff is very encouraging. In fact, I play softball, and my principal, Dr. Smith, has attended almost every single one of my games; she even drove 2 hours during fall break to watch us qualify for the Sweet 16. My experience here has been wonderful, but it wouldn't be this way if it wasn't for the staff.
You will feel safe in this school. People here, including the staff, students and the public school cops cares about one another. It is like one big happy family. Everyone pushes one another to do their best and to be their best that they can be. Very little bullying takes place and if their is it will not be tolerated. If lose your cell phone it will be returned back to you. Very good clubs and sports.
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My experience with Howard High School was a roller coaster. from freshman year to senior year I had people constantly bullying me. I tried telling teachers however nothing was done. I had to take matters in my own hands and grow " tough skin". To anyone attending Howard High School don't let anyone change you. Ignore what people say it won't matter what they say in 5 years so why waste 5 minutes upset about it. Be YOURSELF!!! People or gonna either love you for you or not at all and that's okay. Most importantly HAVE FUN!
Howard High School is the best public school in Bibb county, without a doubt. Some of the things that I like about it are the teachers and counselors who are very helpful and they recognize your talent and potential. There are also some fun clubs to join to, as a part of school involvement and others, for fun.
Overall, being at Howard Highschool was quite the experience for me and many others. There were instances where I questioned whether my opinion and thoughts were taken into consideration by faculty and staff, and might I add self-expression was somewhat limited, mainly due to staff rules. Nevertheless the school is the best in its county, and if one wishes to indulge in different activities, I highly encourage it! Find yourself, and enjoy it.
My overall experience at Howard High School was a great experience. All the teachers I came in contact with were exceptional! They make sure you always push yourself to be the best you can be. The slogan, "Pride, Achievement, Character, and Keeping It Positive," is a quote that definitely holds merit in the day-to-day affairs at Howard High School. The thing I appreciated the most at my high school was the assigned workload and increasingly self-paced assignments to help cultivate a strong work ethic in students . If it was not for these challenges, I would not be the hardworking individual I am today. There are many many more ways Howard High School has helped shaped our future, knowledge, and our identity. I am proud to call myself a Howard High School Alumni!
Overall Howard is a good school, considering it is in Bibb County. Fortunately our daughter was an honor student & didn't give in to the obstacles she faced daily. She focused on her grades & art & kept her head held high. She played several sports, both of which made it to state for final competitions her junior & senior year.
I graduated with honors from Howard High School. It's not a bad school it's what you make it. Study hard be a leader and not a follower and you will be great. If you need help show the teachers that you have a desire and trust me they will do all that they can to make sure you succeed. One thing I did not like was lunch the food is terrible I feel like there should be a variety of lunch items available to each student pizza etc. My mom said when she was in highschool they had cinnamon rolls, brownies and juices they could purchase at lunch if they wanted extra or lite lunch. She said all the meals where prepared at school so all meals were fresh and hot. I think Bibb County School system need to adopt this again it would be great!! My honest opinion Howard High is awsome and education is what you make it and education is the key to being successful!!
I'm a current senior at Howard High School. I think that it's one of the best public schools in Middle GA. We have an excellent AP program, an outstanding Fine Arts program, and a variety of clubs. The school isn't super small, but not super big either. Howard is pretty diverse and welcoming. I was able to socialize and make friends comfortably. We're located in a relatively remote and quiet area, which makes a pleasant learning environment.
What I like about Howard High School is that the administrators and teachers make sure students receive the proper education and every student is treated with the same respect. Howard High school is one of the top public high schools in Bibb County and has the highest graduation rate out of all the public schools in the county. In order for students to excel and reach the standards, there are rules and regulations set. There are plenty of resources to help each and every student. There are counselors who are set to remind students of scholarships, community service opportunities, ways to find a tutor for any subject and to make sure students are getting what they need to graduate on time.

On the other hand, lunch can be much improved. Most of the time the lunch is old and out of date. To make the lunch better, I suggest homemade meals or catering from restaurants around the city that aren't to expensive for the school or county to pay for.
Probably the best public school in Bibb county. The arts program is really good, including the chorus. Amazing teachers and a great principal.
The reason Howard high school is the overall experience for me because, I like of the students here becuase they are helpful and supportive around other. Also the teachers here is very helpful to students if they need help or anything.
The clubs and activites is very exciting here do the deca and fbla clubls and more. The clubs do alot of experiencing things such as go to fair, have events with other students from different school and evening different part of the world
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Howard High School has very devoted teachers who want all of their students to succeed in life. Our faculty and staff push students to strive for greatness and show them that there's more to school than just doing work. You come to school to learn and get ready for the outside world and to become a young adult. Each and every day you take something home that youlearned from Howard and thats why I thank you Howard High School.
Well I moved to Georgia in I was in 10th grade and my experience was great. The faculty is great. The study body is great also. I'm proud to call myself a Howard Huskie.
Overall good school but very drama filled. Teachers were rude and so were the administration. Very strict dress code. Good math and fine arts classes. very good with track and such but is decent over all
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I have been attending Howard High School for two years now and before that, I attended Howard Middle School. Overall, I think it is a wonderful school and definitely tries its best to achieve greatness in all aspects of learning experiences. At Howard, I am challenged by my work and I am intrigued by the courses and electives. I am able to partake in many wonderful clubs and organizations.
I mostly experience of finding myself throughout my four years of high school. There's a lot of typical groups and a diverse community with a boring school education that sticks to their strict rules and not enough of creativity to the modern community of students.
Howard is a very diverse high school. There are students that come from all over the world with different cultural experiences. Being submerged in an environment with diverse cultures helps students learn about other cultures and countries through an organic way and not just reading out of a textbook. There is also a plethora of teachers who really care about their students' education in school and in life.
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