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I graduated form Howard High School in 2016, and the school was very over crowded. There has been more students coming in year after year, and the school never seems to be able to hold all of them. It doesn't seem enough for the portable classrooms to fit all of us in there. The teachers were alright, but a lot of the times they were boring. There was very little wiggle room to setting up your schedules too. Then the administration are sometimes helpful, but not really always.
One thing Howard high school does do well is there focus on college readiness. However, the school is extremely racist and makes little effort to change/educate it’s student body. In addition, very few teachers genuinely care about the students.
I like the diversity of Howard High School, as there are many different races and cultures. Annually, there is World Language and Culture Festival at our school, and many people can come to see and experience different cultures represented by current students. As an international student, I could adapt to the new environment well due to this diversity. The facilities are also clean and safe.
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I like the rigorous curriculum we receive at Howard, it is extremely noticeable to colleges and superior to other schools in the state along with other Howard County schools. It is also diverse and spirited, with some of the best sports in the county. The only issue I ever experienced in this school was with some of the teachers.
I loved all the connections and friendships I made there. In addition to good friendships I was able to make good connections with teachers who helped me through tough times and getting into college.
Howard High provides countless opportunities for it's students to get involved in the community. From band/music, clubs/societies, to sports, Howard has it all.
I am a sophomore at Howard High School, I enjoy coming to this school everyday! The teachers are very hands-on about the students learning. The clubs they offer are very fun to join because you can meet new people and learn many different things!
Their sports teams are amazing, it's a very diverse schools with a lot of teachers that deeply care about their students. It offers many classes and clubs for everyone. It is a tight nit school where people know each other and are very friendly.
Howard High School has teachers who are very genuine and caring. They will do what it takes to ensure their students success. The social scene varies from group to group but their is a social circle for everyone.
There is limited diversity. The student can decided to try to not, the teachers do not care. It is supposed to provide the best education, but I feel like other high schools have better teach methods, teachers, and overall experience.
Typically a good environment. Some teachers are better than others, but most teachers in higher level classes are very good. Many extracurriculars are available, and starting clubs is easy. Worst part is probably guidance, I don't believe I ever saw my guidance counsler more than once a year.
At the beginning things were rough, and it might not feel like it's gonna get easier and i'm here to tell you it's not. High school will be challenging but once those challenges are over it'll be the bes time of your lives
Overall, I enjoyed going to Howard High School. Most of the teachers and faculty members I met there were nice. My teachers were generally passionate about the subjects they taught, especially my marketing teacher. He was always energetic in class and really tried to get students interested in marketing. I never felt threatened at Howard as bullying and fights were not that common. The only major downside of Howard is the school's age. Since it was originally built in the 1950s, the halls can get crowded as they were originally designed to support a smaller amount of students.
Lots of great teachers and many ways to stay involved after school. Career Academy program through the county made a huge difference in my college readiness.
I’ve only been at Howard for 2 years now, and it’s honestly a great school. The education, diversity, sports, and involvement is incredible here. You get into things that you’d never think you’d get into because of the positive influence Howard High School has on its students. Teachers care about their students even on a personal level. The admins work hard to keep us safe and feel protected. The students show much love between each other; there’s barely any problems here even with 2,000+ kids attending.
Howard is a well diverse community where academics, athletics, and equality are all of high importance to give the students a well rounded education and best prepare them for college and careers post graduation.
I have spent all four years at Howard. I would say that my experience varied every year. Some teachers at this school are really good at their job and care about students while others are not. The clubs and activities are more geared towards sports while other clubs do not get as much attention. I feel that Howard does a good job preparing students for applying to college and helping to pick classes.
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Throughout my four years at Howard, I have felt nothing but absolute support from my teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors. The teachers here are incredibly enthusiastic and care about each of their students. Furthermore, Howard offers several opportunities for students - from offering nearly every AP course to conducting research at internships through the Howard County Gifted and Talented Independent Research program. Our school environment is very diverse, including students from various racial, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds - creating an accepting culture, contributing to our welcoming culture. There are several opportunities for extracurriculars ranging from 4A Championship sports teams to dozens of Honor Societies to student-led organizations. Howard has prepared me for my future at Johns Hopkins as an incoming freshman through their rigorous AP courses. In the near-future I hope Howard creates a cultivating environment for females in STEM.
Howard High School provides a welcoming environment to all, allowing students to become involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities and opportunities.
They try to get as much student involvement as possible where kids can express their opinions on relevant topics happening in school and society.
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