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Howard Health & Life Science High School Reviews

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it was okay but it would be in the hills best interested to start in the freshman year. if you didn't start your freshman year alot of the students will view you as an outsider. the administration is lenient simply because it is such a small school. grade are very important and it would be in the schools best interest to better inform students about financial aid and other finance things.
I liked that it was a very close school. It was full of diversity and friendship. In my experience, there was not much bullying and the teachers and staff did their best to enhance the students' experience. Overall, it is a wonderful school!
Howard Health & Life Sciences High School, otherwise known as Cumberland Polytechnic High School, is a school centered around the advancement of learning and a feel for the college experience. Though most students receive that feel, the school still needs to work on scheduling as well as distinguishing and assigning classes to achieve maximum success.
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I learned a lot and had many college related opportunities. The teachers were also very kind..................................... .......................................................
I love Howard Health! It's a very challenging early college school to get in to but makes you become a better person. Everyone is treated like family no matter where you came from. Since the school is on a community college campus, we can take college course classes while still in high school and graduate with a diploma and associates degree.
The teachers at my school are hard-working individuals who have a passion for what they do. They truly care about us and try to make very learning moment beneficial to our future. Each one of them are different and have a different teaching style, but the information is still taught in a tasteful and understandable manner.
my overall experience is good but i could of been better
I love all my teachers and i appreciate all the things the installed in me to make into the person I am today
This is a safe place to be but health wise we see roaches everywhere but we have a nurse on Tuesdays and Thursdays only so if we have an emergency on Monday's,Wednesdays or Fridays we have to go to the front office.
We barely have any extracurricular activities at this school because of the overflow of work since this is an early college and we don't have time for outside activities.
My overall experience at this school was okay because of the population size of the school.There is hardly any students at this school but for some this can be helpful but for me personally it made it more challenging to reach the goals I wanted to meet. Also this caused more drama within the student population which takes my mind off what is important in life.
The teachers at this school are hardworking and dedicated to their students and their goals and dreams in life. They work to their fullest potential to make sure every student will walk across that stage one day and they can say that they was apart of their everyday life in order to get them were they are now.
I have never really seen a school nurse at my school, I believe she only comes like once a week but I have never seen her. We do follow the rules and our school is currently gated so it is very hard for someone to get it. You can only come straight through the front door. I believe it is extremely safe.
We really don't have a lot of clubs but everyone has to attend at least one club in our school. I only really know of the club I attend and its a walking club and all we really mostly do is walk.
I really love this school because it's small so the every teacher in the school know you and have a really good relationship with you. It also allows you to go to college and it even gives you classes to prep for college. My favorite time at this school would be when we have health night and the classrooms are decorated and set up and they give us background on certain diseases. I would want to go to this school again because it prepares you for college and you would never run into a teacher that is too busy to help you.
The teachers are very nice and they try to teach with something that's very relatable and everyday life problems. They give good examples for us to understand. It is a very small school so we can easily get in touch with teachers after school and ask them for help on homework. They also keep grades up to date consistently.
I love the art club,
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It could be better with changes.
It is a great place to attend but very challenging.
I wish there were more options
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