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My overall experience at Houston high school was very different and a big change for me being around students who are very interactive and rowdy. I would like to see a change in the resources that the school provide for the students.
Like every other school it has its flaws but it's a great school overall. It has gotten better over the years.
I love being in a school that makes me feel safe and being apart of a band that feels like family. I love how nice the teachers are and how the staff push me to reach my goals and be a better student.
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what i like about this school is that you well meet people that's going to be with you forever and if you need something they're there for you.
Every school has their own flaws and Sam is no exception.There have been good moments and bad at this school.Even though Sam doesnt have the best reputation it deserves more credit.The improvement that Sam has showed is astounding.Looking from the outside in you would probably think that this is a school with no ambition or hope.The students here really want to be successful.We all want the same thing and that is to make it out.
I like the fact that Sam Houston high school is a great school that shows potential and has amazing teacher models that will help students excel in their future. There are many programs offered there that can help students succeed in college and education. It is one of the best schools to have an amazing band program because through their program they have sent many graduates to colleges and have the best teachers to guide them. I recommend this school 100% because it is a school of diverse culture, knowledge , and heart.
The teachers here are very understanding and cooperative when it comes to your learning . As a student of almost 4 school years my AP teachers have brought me out of my comfort zone and given me the confidence in my studies .
College readiness is something my teachers push us to pursue everyday in our lessons . My english teachers have been the most supportive suppling me with the knowledge to excel in my studies . Being apart of Ap English has giving me the firsthand glimpse into college life furthering my study habitats and educational interpretations .
My Coach has had the most of contribution to my success by furthering my physical abilities and believing in me . Being apart of his team has had a tremendous impact on my high school experience . Sports has connected me with a diverse group of people with the same goals and aspirations .
I like that we have Eastside pride and the community loves and supports us, but we need more academic reasources and need to improve on college readiness .
This school has it's ups and downs, but I would do it again for the activities and teachers.
The majority of teachers try their hardest to be the best educators that they can be.
There was something for everyone
It was an amazing and unforgettable 4yrs
They are very friendly and ready to help
The campus is very secure with gates, cameras, and the front office where you have to sign in & out with an ID. You don't find bullying, buy just in case there was an situation with it we have an box called the swag box where that helps you with that. The safety of the students and staff is great.
The extracurricular opportunities at sam houston high school is great. We have chess club, drama club, student council, national honor society, city year, etc. The highest commitment for different clubs or organizations is president or captain.
Staff makes sure that no one is on campus that should not be here. They have regular police officer on campus as well as security people. The nurse does her job and takes care of us when we get hurt. I feel safe at the school.
Most of the teachers get involved in the sports and band activities to show support for us the students and of course for our school. Our principle gets involved and supports very well. The students are committed to the sports the get into and also the band members are great.
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My favorite part is the athletics, especially soccer and track. I also did participate in band and did get to perform in the annual city parade. It was challenging and rewarding. I feel the school is what you make of it. I feel if you want to better yourself and learn stay in school, if not then you have no one to blame but yourself for not trying.
Some of the teachers at my school do more than others. It makes me feel good when a teacher takes an interest in making sure I have what I need done on my work. The teachers are there after school or during lunch for extra help if needed.
There are a lot of different things people can do but there is room for improvement, such as recognition for the good things they bring by administration.
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