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It's pretty good. Most of the teachers are qualified and care about their students. The English curriculum is especially rigorous .
I just am in band, so it's pretty good
Houston High School has gave me the education and tools I need for life after high school. With the small classes you get all the one on one attention from every teacher if you need it. You get to know all your teachers on a personal level, and it makes learning enjoyable.
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Before I got to high school I wanted nothing more than to make great high school memories with great friends. At Houston, you aren't going to make those "great" memories, so you shouldn't set your standards too high. This school is unique because it's so small it's like unbelievable to most people. Also, it is very far out into the country and is surrounded by cornfields, so you could say It's kind of plentiful in beautiful nature. If I could choose to do it all over again, I definitely would have chosen to go to a bigger, more educated school system because even though I was able to get all of my class credits and have a variety of things to choose from, going to Houston High School did not AT ALL prepare me for college.
The school is led by a very good administrative staff. Very supporting.
I left this school with a decent knowledge of what to expect in the college realm.
This school does not give us many options when it comes to food. There is rarely good-quality healthy food, and it is also expensive for the quality of the food. This is the reason that most students pack their lunch on a daily basis.
We have a pretty basic array of clubs and organizations available. A lot of people sign up, but it always ends up being the same three people that push most clubs to do their activities.
The teachers at this school are all qualified, and take their jobs seriously. We have a basic curriculum, and I wish our school had more to offer at times. I think our workload is rather small compared to surrounding schools, and could be a lot worse. Any teacher here will tell you they can stay after school or come in early in the morning to help you if you need it.
The health and safety policies at this school are above average. It is a small school, so not many forms of physical violence occur. If one is suspected, it is stopped before it is put into motion, There is only one physical fight about every 1 to 2 years. There is always at least one police officer on site, and I have never had to question my safety or security while at school. I think there is more bullying going on than there should be, but the teachers try their best to see that it does not happen.
There is not much diversity which can be overwhelming once you experience it in college. However the majority of everyone is very accepting and gets along.
I wouldn't trade going to Houston for anything in the world. I was able to have great relationships with students, teachers, and staff.
If you work hard you should have no problem obtaining good grades.
The dress code is intended to be very strict, but only some faculty actually enforce it all the time. For the most part everyone gets along and there are really no major issues. It is a small school so all students are aware of all the faculty and know of them.
The community is very supportive of basketball which is the biggest sport. Commitment problems are common, but I think that is common everywhere.
It is a small school so there are hardly any safety concerns other then the students doing something they shouldn't and getting hurt.
Just as bad as any other high school. With the many policies set forth by Michelle Obama and the government the other options have been taken away. Also a small school so limited funds contributes to the variety and value of lunches.
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I did not feel as prepared for college as I would have liked to have been. However it is a small high school with limited resources compared to what bigger schools have.
Some of the projects in class can sometimes not be school related but they can be fun. Some of the teachers are really helpful but sometimes they wont help you which i guess is a good thing but also can be bad at certain times.
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